Anniversary Party Ideas to Think About

Are you looking around for anniversary party ideas?

Whether for yourself or someone else, an anniversary is always worth celebrating, and, although personalized candy bars, with a photo of the couple, are really great, there are so many other ways to celebrate this great occasion.

For instance, you could opt for a theme party, most of which are very popular, and will also make any anniversary absolutely fabulous!

As many couples celebrate their anniversary with a cruise, a luau is very appropriate, and will give the couple a fantastic send-off. Having an anniversary fiesta is also something the guests will never forget, especially with their sombreros and Mexican beer.

If you are planning an outside party, then a Western BBQ is a definite must! Apart from the cowboy hats and bandannas, you can also have square dancing or line dancing - this anniversary party idea is lots of fun for everyone.

Then again, a Rock and Roll theme is also great fun. The music alone will see that everyone has a great time! Other themes for anniversary party ideas to consider are Mardi Gras, 70's, and Hollywood.

For an elegant, inexpensive, and simple anniversary party idea, you could hire street lamps from a party supply store, have helium balloons as centerpieces for the tables, with weights made from baskets filled with chocolates. Tablecloths can also be rented instead of purchased.

As for the food, family members can each supply a platter of some sorts. Of course, this should be pre-arranged so that there are no duplicates. Good, sturdy paper plates, and good quality plastic cutlery is recommended, instead of spending a fortune on rented or purchased crockery and silver cutlery. You could also have someone video the whole party, so that the couple can watch it at their leisure, and reminisce over their great anniversary party.

If it is a special anniversary, say a 25th or a 50th, for instance, it is a good idea to plan a surprise party for the couple. These types of anniversary party ideas can be either elaborate or simple, and the options are numerous. The first thing you need to do is to make out a guest list, before you decide on the venue.

The theme of the surprise party can be kept simple, such as silver for a 25th wedding anniversary, or gold for a 50th wedding anniversary. If you decide to have a surprise party that calls for costumes, remember to have an outfit ready for the couple as well, because they won't have any idea about the party, and won't come prepared.

The food, of course, is what ends up being the most expensive part of most parties, so do careful planning if you are working on a budget, and stick to your plans. Also, if you are hiring a venue, find out if they have a catering service, and then work out a menu with them.

Whatever type of celebration you are planning, remember to take plenty of photos, and even a video or two, as only talking about the fabulous party is simply not enough, and besides, photos and videos are forever.

Were you inspired by any of these anniversary party ideas?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and Planning Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for planning and holding a wedding anniversary party? Themes, concepts, activities, what to look out for, what to prepare, etc? Share and write about these wedding anniversary party ideas here!

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