35th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Great Wedding Anniversary Presents

Are you seeking inspirational ideas for a great 35th anniversary gift?

On the day you took your first vows, the 35th anniversary was probably far from your mind. Each year, especially in this day and age, that a person stays married is quite an accomplishment.

In our recycled society, many marriages never make it past the first couple of years. 35 years is a real accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated.

Some people might chose to celebrate alone as a couple and remind themselves exactly why they fell in love with each other from the beginning. Others might choose to surround themselves with friends and family. No matter how you chose to celebrate, having an appropriate anniversary present is a must. This article is designed to help you find some interesting 35th anniversary gift ideas.

Traditional 35th Anniversary Presents or Gifts

As in every other anniversary, the 35th wedding anniversary has a number of traditional anniversary gifts associated with it. Every successful gift is a gift that someone has put some thought and effort into. Coral is one of the more traditional items to represent a 35th anniversary gift. Here are some great gifts that incorporate coral:

  • Coral Bead Necklace
  • Coral Ring
  • Coral and Silver Pendant

Modern 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If tradition is not your style and you would prefer to look for something more modern as an anniversary gift, there are still some very nice options. Jade is the most widely recognized item to represent the modern 35th anniversary. Following are some very nice jade 35th anniversary gift options:

  • Jade sculptures
  • Jade Tie Pins
  • Jade Earrings
  • Jade Pendant
  • Jade Clock

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Choosing a gift for a husband is always an interesting task. Here are some fine options that you can choose from:

  • Cufflinks: A gift of cufflinks on your 35th wedding anniversary is a nice combination of both modern and traditional. Add one of the representative stones for the 35th anniversary, or engrave them for a special touch.

  • Desk Accessory: If your husband is a working professional, then choosing a desk accessory for him would be a great idea on your 35th wedding anniversary. You could personalize this 35th anniversary gift and add a piece of jade or coral as a nice finishing touch.

35th Anniversary Presents For Wife

Make your wife fall in love with you all over again by presenting her a beautiful gift on your 35th wedding anniversary.

  • Jewelry: The most ideal gift for any wife on her wedding anniversary is jewelry. When the occasion is as special as a 35th wedding anniversary, jewelry can be just as special if you give it a little thought. From bracelets to earrings, pendants to chains, jewelry choices are almost endless. Engraving with a special message or thought is a sure way to keep her in love with you for another 35 years.

  • Perfume or Cosmetics: Make sure you investigate before purchasing cosmetics or a fragrance, but if you have chosen the right ones, your wife with be extremely impressed that you were able to select something as unique as her favorite perfume or cosmetic.

  • Make Over Session: An excellent 35th anniversary gift for any wife is a makeup session or perhaps even a day spa. Treat your beautiful wife to a day of pampering, and maybe take her out to your favorite restaurant afterwards for a romantic celebration.

35th Wedding Anniversary Facts

Here are some interesting facts and information which can help you in your search for great 35th anniversary gifts.

  • 35th Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald is the traditional 35th wedding anniversary gemstone.

  • 35th Anniversary Flower: Though there is no particular 35th wedding anniversary flower, a bunch of 35 roses in her favorite color is an ideal option for your anniversary day.

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas to get started on picking out some nice 35th wedding anniversary gifts. All the best!

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