Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas - Useful Tips and Inspiration

Are you seeking inspired wedding cake decorating ideas?

Many people like to forego the challenge of making their own wedding cake and pre-order their cake from a baker. Others, however, love the idea of creating the centerpiece for a wedding.

The wedding cake holds a special place of honor at a wedding, and who wouldn't like to hear all of the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' over their beautiful and delicious creation. This article will give you a good start with some wedding cake decorating ideas.

Best Ideas for Wedding Cake Decorations

Listed below are some wedding cake decoration ideas for you.

  • Classic Romantic Heart Design: A very popular choice for a wedding cake is the classic heart design. You can make the entire cake in a shape of a heart, tiered with assorted sizes of hearts, or simply use hearts in your decorating on a square or round cake shape. This cake will usually have a white base and pink or red rose decoration on top of it.

  • Orchid White Fondant Natural Wedding Cake: Orchid White Fondant Natural Wedding Cake is another cool cake for the newlyweds. This cake is decorated using folded layers of icing. It is usually garnished with purple spotted orchids. The best thing about this cake is that it can be made in almost any flavor.

  • Buttercream Wedding Cake Decor: This is a classic wedding cake made of creamed butter and sugar. Buttercream is very sweet, so this cake is very appealing to those with a sweet tooth, and due to the cream, it has a creamy look. This is an economical choice for wedding cakes. The buttercream is easy to add decorations to, and works well with wedding cake decorating ideas such as fresh flowers or other add-ons.

  • Marzipan Wedding Cake: This cake is made using sugar and ground almonds. Marzipan is a smooth, sweet, almond flavor that is popular for wedding cakes. Due to its malleability, you can form marzipan into realistic shapes. After icing with marzipan, you can decorate this wedding cake with cherries or other fruits as well as add 3-dimensional shapes made out of marzipan.

  • Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake: Need more wedding cake decorating ideas? Chocolate ganache wedding cake is also a popular design for weddings. It is made of a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream. You can decorate it with pink flower icing. Because it looks and tastes so rich, you can add a heavier decor on the outside of this lovely cake.

  • Decorations: There is an endless supply of actual wedding cake decorating ideas to choose from. Whether you shop online or in an actual store, you should have no difficulty in finding pre-made wedding cake decorations to suit your needs. If you are artistic minded, you can shape many decorations out of icing or sugar to adorn the wedding cake. You can find instructions either online or from a local bakery that holds classes on such things. If you prefer a more natural look, fresh flowers are always beautiful as a wedding cake decorating idea, and it is fairly easy to match colors of the flowers to the bridesmaids' dresses, or even to match the bride's bouquet.

Do's of Wedding Cake Decoration

  • Make samples - Whether it is sugar roses or the actual cake, it is always a good idea to make samples first to ensure your idea or design will work. A miniature sample of the cake complete with decorations will enable you to get a good idea if your design is as great in reality as it was in your mind.

  • Ask the professionals - Most bakers are willing to share a few tricks of the trade. There are also loads of Yahoo groups that specialize in wedding cake decorating ideas. You will find a wealth of information to be had if you just ask around.

  • Look Around and Explore - Shop around the wedding cake suppliers, magazines, and books to see what they have to offer. You can get a lot of inspiration for wedding cake decorating ideas by looking at other people's work.

    Don'ts of Wedding Cake Decoration

  • Don't get carried away. A few beautifully arranged decorations will always look nicer than a cake that is overloaded. You don't want the cake to be too 'busy'.

  • Don't go over the budget. Whether you are making your own cake, or a wedding cake for someone else, always stick to the budget. It is easy to get carried away, but don't get your heart set on ganache if your budget is buttercream. You can make any wedding cake look beautiful.

  • Start simple and work your way up. Especially if you are new to wedding cake decorating, starting simple gives you the option to add on or make the actual cake bigger. It is much harder to take away than to add on.

    So don't let the thought of designing or decorating a wedding cake daunt you. With these wedding cake decorating ideas and tips, you should be well on your way to decorating and creating a beautiful wedding cake.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips?

    Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for decorating wedding cakes? Share and write about these wedding cake decoration ideas here!

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