7th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas for Things to Do and Gifts to Buy

Celebrating your 7th wedding anniversary is a proud achievement, and the important thing with this special anniversary is to let your loved one know that you recognize the time and effort both of you have put into the marriage to make it work.

Spend a lot of time thinking about the message you want to send, whether it is a sentimental thought or an idea of where you want to go in the future.

The traditional themes for seventh wedding anniversary gifts are copper and wool, and for the more modern couple, the materials are brass and desk sets.

One of the easiest traditions to follow on the 7th wedding anniversary is gifts of wool, which can be a wool rug or carpet with a design representing love, the number seven, or any favorite animal or flower. Other ideas are a wool winter jacket, which is quite pricy but can be a lifelong gift if you buy good quality like angora wool. A personal favorite is a wool blanket big enough to wrap the both of you in it while watching a movie or enjoying the soft moving light of a log fire.

Copper is also very easy, as there is an array of copper ornaments, jewelry or sculptures around every corner, and a lot of these can be ordered over the internet already engraved with a personal message plus delivered straight to your door. Big copper vases are in high fashion at the moment, so that will make the perfect gift on your 7th wedding anniversary.

You could rent a comfortable, cozy cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, where the panoramic views of the snow capped mountain peaks inspire your soul and invigorate your mind. As the snow sparkles and glistens on the rivers and valleys at the foothills of this natural wonder, so your relationship with your spouse will start to twinkle and glow.

Take romantic walks hand in hand on the many meandering trails that take you through dense forests and fields of wild flowers ready to be picked. When the sunset paints the sky shades of orange, purple and blue, you can wrap yourselves up in front of a roaring and dancing log fire to cuddle the night away. What a wonderfully romantic 7th wedding anniversary celebration that would be.

If your spouse is a country music fan, then Dollywood is the place to be. Experience true mountain life culture with live music performances, and learn the ancient master crafts of blacksmiths and glass blowers.

Spend time with relatives of Dolly Parton, where they share funny and interesting stories of what it was like growing up with a budding country music star. Add some fun and excitement by going to the amusement park to ride the Blaze of Fire, or take a mountain excursion on the Dollywood Express. Now, that would be an unusual 7th wedding anniversary to remember.

Anything you choose to do, see or buy for your 7th wedding anniversary would be so much more enhanced by adding a lot of thought and small personal touches; after all, it is the little things that count the most in long lasting marriages.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Celebration?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas and tips for seventh wedding anniversary presents and celebration? Share and write about these 7 year anniversary celebration and gift ideas here!

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