7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Presents to Celebrate Seven Great Years

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for a fantastic 7th wedding anniversary gift?

Happy anniversary! What is this, your sixth, no seventh joyous year of marriage? What a time to celebrate!

Thinking of so many different gifts over the years can be a challenge, but this year, why not look into the traditional or modern lists of suggested anniversary presents? The categories mentioned for traditional gifts are wool and copper, and for the modern list is a desk set.

Having a hard time thinking of an appropriate gift for each category? No sweat; below, we'll provide some 7th wedding anniversary gift suggestions for each that will fit various budgets.

The first type of seventh anniversary gift was wool. Now, what kind of gift could you get your partner that is wool? The obvious choice here would definitely be some kind of an article of clothing. You could purchase a nice wool hand-knit pair of socks (or knit them yourself, if you're keen on that kind of thing), an angora-wool sweater, a wool blazer-jacket, or even a blanket made of wool. You could buy these from a store, or order them handmade from someone in your area. You can also look for places to order these items on the internet, as well.

The other traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift listed is copper. You've got a few more options with this, and can get really creative here. You can purchase copper jewelry, such as a pendant, bracelet, or ring, from one of many online websites. A really clever idea, found at FindGift.com, had a penny (copper) that had the date of the anniversary (May 24) punched out of it, and it was connected to a larger hoop of sterling silver, that had the word "soulmate" etched onto it.

Otherwise, one can find copper yard art, including fountains, wind-chimes, and torch holders, all made from copper. Another way to go is general home decor. You can find wall art, photo frames, vases, and many other household items (even kitchenware and utensils) that are made from copper. This category certainly has many more options for an interesting 7th wedding anniversary gift than wool.

The more modern list mentions that a desk set is a good 7th wedding anniversary gift. A desk set is usually made of metal or wood and contains a place for several items, such as business cards, pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc. A clever way to tie in the traditional theme to this is to have a copper name-plate custom-engraved with your spouse's name, and an anniversary message.

This gift is also an easy one to make for either a husband or a wife. If it's for her, simply fill up the area where sticky notes would go with chocolates, or a box containing that piece of copper jewelry we just talked about. If it's for him, he might not mind some chocolates as well, but add some tickets to his favorite sports team's upcoming game, and he'll love you for at least another seven years!

Coming up with new and exciting wedding anniversary gifts each year isn't always easy, but it's definitely worth it! The seventh year of marriage isn't one of the major milestones, but it is still very much worth celebrating, that's for certain, and you could mark the occasion with a great 7th wedding anniversary gift.

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