Tenth Anniversary Gift Ideas to Mark a Decade of Love

Are you searching for ideas for a great tenth anniversary gift?

Ten years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, that's for sure! Trying to find that perfect gift to give to the love of your life on your special day?

If you're wanting to stick to the more traditional route, your option is tin or pewter, but the more modern suggestions are aluminum with an alternative of diamonds. There's a lot to think through in there, and coming up with the perfect gift can be tricky, but read on for suggestions and ideas, and maybe some outside-of-the-box tenth anniversary gift options, too.

The traditional suggestion for 10th wedding anniversary gifts is tin. For this, you could find a tin sculpture, picture frame, or piece of wall art that you think may appeal to your mate. If the two of you are big outdoor-cooking enthusiasts and have a nice grill or barbeque set up, you could get a set of personalized grilling tools made.

If none of those interest you, keep in mind that pewter is much more common and it's an alloy comprised of over 90% tin, so it's acceptable as well. Many pieces of jewelry are made from pewter, as are keepsakes such as photo frames.

The first modern category for tenth anniversary gifts is aluminum. There are many everyday items that are made from aluminum that would make great gifts. Some kinds of cookware and kitchen gadgets are made up mostly of aluminum. Lots of pieces of fishing equipment are made of this metal, too. You'll also be able to find aluminum garden and yard decorations and sculptures. If you find the right shop, or look online, you can find bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewelry made from aluminum, too.

The modern alternative listed is diamonds. For this one, it is pretty easy to find a good tenth anniversary gift. Buy or make a right-hand ring - if it's for a man, a row of embedded, square diamonds maintains its masculinity, while representing the devotion to his marriage simultaneously; if it's for a woman, ten shimmering diamond baguettes on a ring can represent one for each year of your marriage. Any type of diamond-jewelry is acceptable for this anniversary - it's all dependent upon your budget and taste.

Perhaps none of these presents appeal to you as a tenth anniversary gift you'd like to give to your spouse. If that's the case, think outside the box and come up with your own unique tenth wedding anniversary gift. Play on words for some fun gift ideas - you could give a "tin" roof sundae, a case of beer (the aluminum is the can), or tickets to a baseball game (you'll be taking your mate to the "diamond").

If you're still stumped, there are no rules that say you have to stay within the subject areas mentioned. If you know your spouse wants to go on a tropical vacation, take her there. If your man needs a new lawnmower, and you've seen him drooling over that new rider at the machine shop, he deserves it. You know your spouse and what will make him or her happy better than anybody who can write a list!

Happy hunting for a great and meaningful tenth anniversary gift, and congratulations on your big day!

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