10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Great Presents to Celebrate the Big Ten

Are you in need of inspirational ideas for 10 year wedding anniversary gifts?

When a couple is married a year, they rejoice. At five years, they often go out to celebrate the event. It is more for fun and getting together with friends, though - the five years simply the reason for celebration.

By the time the ten year mark rolls around, however, the couple feels a genuine milestone has been attained. It is perhaps the first big wedding anniversary regularly celebrated because it denotes the effort that has been put into being happy together.

Ten years speaks of relationship - on the way to solid, but still flexible enough to bend to the needs of the partner. Traditionally, this anniversary is celebrated with gifts of either tin or aluminum and diamond jewelry.

It may seem it would be hard to come up with 10 year wedding anniversary gifts made of tin or aluminum. There are, however, many stores that specialize in wedding anniversary gifts. Let them do the searching for the appropriate gift for your loved one. These stores can be found locally or online.

With the vast number of tin boxes circulating on the market today, it is not hard to find something in the metal. There are candles in tins; candy or other collectables, too. They come singularly or in theme sets - many already or on their way to become collectibles. Small trinkets, as well as many other gifts, can be given in a collectible or decorative tin that reflects the spouse or couple's interests.

More ideas for 10 year wedding anniversary gifts can revolve around tin.

Tins are so pretty and make excellent boxes to stuff money, a love note or romantic coupons in. Find odd sizes to house a favorite book or a reprint of the newspaper headlines the day the couple was married. Also include a current picture of the couple. Other suggestions for 10 year wedding anniversary gifts include such items as paper weights of tin or aluminum, sconces, prints or old cabinets with punched tin panels, or tin snips and / or cutters, which may be more appropriate for a man or an avid gardener.

An antique tin bank - replicas of days gone by, tin toys or their replicas can be fun to look for and find for those who collect pieces from the past. Small tins are perfect to give the perfect piece of jewelry (wrapped in velvet) in. Upright tins that open from the top are perfect vases to display preserved roses. Find something in silver or blue, as these are colors designated for the 10th anniversary.

There are yet more 10 year wedding anniversary gift ideas.

You could try roses that have been fashioned from aluminum. Roses come in all sizes and shapes, including aluminum, which, though the metal may not seem lasting, can be appropriate as well as offer a lasting and unique approach to giving flowers. Also consider the trumpet-shaped daffodil. It represents cheerfulness, joy and happiness and is the official flower of the 10th anniversary.

Try presenting a bouquet just before leaving for a romantic dinner. Be sure to include a port wine, which also signifies the 10th wedding anniversary.

Diamonds are beautiful and lasting and are also the jewelry of the 10th anniversary. They were chosen for this anniversary because they are as durable as they are beautiful. You can consider them for 10 year wedding anniversary gifts as well.

Also consider the blue sapphire for the color as well as the jewel.

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