Anniversary Invitation Wording - Tips, Ideas and Basic Guidelines

Are you seeking tips and ideas for anniversary invitation wording?

There is nothing like an anniversary celebration. Because an anniversary signifies such an important moment in our lives and should be celebrated with family and friends alike, the invitation wording we choose is significant.

Of course, you can go to most department stores for pre printed packages of 8 to 12 invitations, but finding a company locally or online that will print exactly what you want is the way to go.

Personalized anniversary invitations - whether it is one of the many yearly wedding anniversaries commonly celebrated or any of the other milestones, should not only relay all the necessary information a guest will need, but be sent out in enough time for adequate arrangements for the occasion to be made, be it gift selection or babysitting arrangements.

Many local print shops have a nice line of unique anniversary invitation wording ideas and can tweak wording or sayings to fit any occasion that could possibly arise. Most places are more than willing to not only get you the perfect anniversary invitation wording, but to also do so within just a few days.

Included in the wording of an anniversary invitation should be not only the necessary information - what, when, who, why and where, but other essential details as well. This might include such things as whether the affair will be formal or informal - again relayed through wording; and whether party / parties will be accepting gifts, would prefer cash or would rather just enjoy the company.

Selecting the proper anniversary invitation wordings is the key to getting the correct information to your family and friends and may differ depending on which anniversary is being celebrated. Whatever you choose should reflect not only the type of celebration you are having, but be a reflection of the people involved. If the invitation wording has stumped you, visit any of the many places on this website that will walk you through; it is that important.

Although the place has already been included in the necessary information, you might want to consider who is hosting the affair and whether it will be a function, or should guests be prepared for festivities. This also could lead to information about attire even if you have already indicated formal or informal. Consider anniversary invitation wording such as "formal attire", a "black tie affair" for the very formal, "dress to impress" or "black tie optional" for formal but toned down, "semi formal" for cocktails or a spring fling, and "casual" or "dress down" for everything else.

To further let people know about the individuals involved with the anniversary, if you are religious and want to make sure that tone is set, you may want to include a scripture verse, one of the favorites being 1 Corinthians 13:13 - there are three things that will endure forever: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. Or, you could use a favorite quote or saying such as 'Join us in a celebration of yesterday's dream fulfilled and tomorrow's promise renewed.'

And if count is important, do not forget to include the RSVP information with your anniversary invitation wording. With so many other things on your mind to do with getting the wording just right, it is easy to overlook something so important.

For more tips and ideas, be sure to check out the other related articles and pages on the rest of this website.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips, Ideas and Basic Guidelines for Anniversary Invitation Wording?

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