Anniversary Party Planning Guide - The Basic Steps

Need some ideas for and help with anniversary party planning?

We've all been to a party where it's pretty apparent that little or no planning was done. You can see that there's not enough food, the DJ never showed, and people are basically standing around, not knowing what to do.

If you're hosting an anniversary party, you want it to be fun for everyone, especially the couple-of-honor. Planning for anniversary parties can be a snap if you take the time and go step by step to make sure all your bases are covered. Use the guide for anniversary party planning below to put together the celebration you have in mind.


The first thing you need to figure out during anniversary party planning is where and when you'll be having the party. This aspect determines most of the other factors, such as the theme, guest list, and catering.

You could host the party in your backyard for a relaxed, casual feel. If that's not an option, call and reserve a section of a bar. If you're thinking big, you could rent a ballroom at a ritzy hotel if the couple being celebrated enjoys dressing up and dancing. The point is - you've got options. Use your resources - if you're near a beach or park, use it. You're sure to find something that fits the bill.


Successful parties have some kind of a theme. Whether it's something simple, such as a "black and white" theme, or something huge and over the top, like a masquerade ball, a theme is a great way to tie all the elements of the anniversary party planning together.

Pick something that will appeal to the couple - don't worry if you think some of the guests may think it's silly. Themes make a party unique and give those in attendance something to talk about.

Guest List

Once you know more about your location, for the next step of anniversary party planning, you are set to work through your guest list. You know that if you're renting some tables at a bar, keeping the list to less than thirty people is probably smart. But if you've got a grand ballroom reserved, you can literally invite hundreds.

Think of the couple, their children (if they have any), friends, families, extended family, school mates, former roommates, co-workers, and people from social circles such as churches and sports leagues.


Now that you know where the party is going to be held, and who you're inviting, you should start thinking about the food that you'll be serving, as well as how much you'll need. First, you need to decide if you'll hire out for catering, or if you and some friends / family members could get it done. Of course, if you're in any kind of restaurant venue, they'd gladly contract you to provide food as well as a location for your anniversary party.

As part of anniversary party planning, think through the menu items, considering any known allergies of guests. Will you have one main dish or two choices? Will you serve mashed potatoes or baked? When in doubt, ask the anniversary couple - their likes and dislikes take precedence.

Also, now is the time to get a cake ordered from a local baker. If it's at all possible, bring a photo of the cake that was displayed at the wedding and see if you can get someone to re-create it. (And then see how long it takes the couple to recognize it!)


Now you've got all the elements for your anniversary party planning complete, you're ready to start your invitations. Wait for RSVPs so you can have a better idea of the head count, and can adjust catering and cake orders, if necessary. Then, just get ready to watch your plans fall into place so you can all celebrate and have a great time together. Enjoy!

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