Baby Shower Cake Toppers - Ideas for Decorating Your Cakes

Are you seeking ideas for baby shower cake toppers?

Adding toppers to make your baby shower cake look great will keep your guests talking about it for years to come, especially if you made it yourself. This can be a really easy task if you follow these hints and tips for working with plastic icing.

Plastic icing is a type of icing that can be molded and colored to create 3 D effects on cake decorations. This type of icing is a little harder to work with than normal icing sugar, as it needs to be kneaded to make it soft and left to dry for a couple of days before being put on the cake.

Working with plastic icing is much like sculpting items or pictures out of clay, like the clay potters do, only these decorations can be eaten. Before you start decorating your baby shower cake with toppers made from plastic icing, you should have a clear idea in your mind of what kind of baby shower cake topper decoration you are going to make. This is because the longer the plastic icing is exposed to the air, the harder it gets, making working with the plastic icing a little difficult. Try cutting out pictures from magazines or download some from the internet so you can keep comparing what you have created to the actual picture.

Perhaps the hardest part of working with plastic icing is that the food coloring, preferably in powdered format, needs to be worked into the plastic icing by hand. This means that you would have to prepare a larger quantity of plastic icing by adding the food coloring and rubbing it into the plastic icing. Most professional cake decorators do this by using hand actions similar to making bread, where the plastic icing is kneaded and manipulated until it is soft and pliable and color is completely mixed in.

Once you have the right color mixed into the plastic icing, you can then start designing your 3D baby shower cake topper. The plastic icing can be rolled out using a rolling pin and some powdered, normal icing sugar to prevent it from sticking. The easiest way to make a 3D baby carriage would be to roll a large ball of the plastic icing into an oblong shape and then hollow it out by pressing it in the middle with your thumb. This would make a perfect hollow for a plastic icing miniature baby lay in.

Next up for this baby shower cake topper idea is the baby. Making the baby to fit into the baby carriage can also be done with an oblong shape, but without the hollow in the middle. Add a round ball for the head, then attach it to the oblong shape with a bit of liquid icing sugar. Roll 4 smaller sausage shaped balls for the arms and legs and attach it to the body in the same way you attached the head. Use some food coloring on a tooth pick to paint the baby's face and put the baby in the carriage. There you have it - your baby shower cake topper.

This idea for baby shower cake toppers works perfectly if you roll out a little blanket in blue or pink plastic icing and then put that on top of the baby carriage. In no time at all, you have created a great centerpiece for your baby shower cake.

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