Baby Shower Cake Decorations Ideas and Tips

Are you seeking some useful baby shower cake decorations ideas and tips?

Baby showers are an age old tradition all over the world when it comes to celebrating the arrival of an expected child. While there are endless possibilities to food choices for the shower, one of the most traditional additions is the cake - be it chocolate, yellow, sponge, swirl, carrot, red velvet or pineapple upside down.

Probably one of the best known brands for cake decorating is Wilton's - and baby shower cake decorating is no different. There is little they do not have when it is time to make it happen for mom-to-be and all her friends - from pans (in every cute form from bear to duck), decorating tools with tips (creating squiggles to elaborate flowers), to cute baby accessories for exciting baby shower cakes.

Even so, do not be afraid to step out on your own when it comes to baby shower cake decorations ideas, even if you have nothing but box cake and a plain round pan.

The first such baby shower cake decorations idea that comes to mind is the belly cake. This creation is made with a simple round pan, a plain cake and some sugar icing in the shape of a pregnant belly. How appropriate! Sheet cakes can be cut around the edges until they resemble such articles as baby bottles, pieces of clothing, shoes and pacifiers.

If you know the baby will be a girl, make several sizes of cakes in the shape of a heart and ice them in pink. Some pretty lettering and a few accessories like a pacifier or baby diaper pins will set a stage. A butterfly cake can be made easily by either cutting a sheet cake or by using two heart cakes placed together and decorated as one. Just remember to use bright colors when icing.

Do you need more baby shower cake decorations ideas? Then do not forget the cake made of disposable diapers.

Though it is certainly not the edible type, it is a unique way to give the mom-to-be a stack of much needed baby items just by rolling the diapers together and tying them into 'tiers' with fancy ribbons. All sorts of useful things - baby soap, shampoo, towel, wash cloth, bibs, pacifier, etc, can be placed all around it, along with various sizes of bows. A toy, to the mom-to-be's liking, can be placed on the top of the cake.

Both baby shower cakes can be decorated to match - one to eat and one to set as the centerpiece for the table where the gifts will be kept until they are ready to be opened. Both baby shower cake decorations ideas can be the center of attraction.

As part of baby shower cake decorations ideas, do not forget to decorate the rest of the house to match the cake - whatever design you decide to use. Incorporate all the baby things you can. Not only will they tie everything together, but they will be such an addition to the mom-to-be's much needed supplies. Think baby bottles (at least 1/2 dozen), bibs, booties, bathtub, several blankets (receiving and heavy), clothes (start with night gowns and onesies) and pacifiers (you will need two).

Colors can be another way to make a cake beautiful - blue for boys, of course, and pink for girls. Pastel colors are traditional but bright; bold colors can be brought in with candies, pre-made letters and / or numbers and tube icings. As far as baby shower cake decorations ideas are concerned, be sure to let you imagination run wild.

Have fun!

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