Ideas for Baptism Decorations - Great Decorating Tips and Suggestions

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for baptism decorations?

If you are planning a baptism for an infant or adult, there are several things that you will need to consider in your planning the baptism. You may want to hold a reception afterwards as well, as we know that most people love to gather for such festivities for fellowship and snacks.

The first thing that you will need to decide is if you want to go with a theme or just use simple baptism decorations. Themes are a nice touch to a party, but are a little more work.

If you want to go with a theme, a couple of ideas are Noah's Ark or Lambs. If you want to go with colors, you could use various shades of blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby, or use white to symbolize purity. Your local craft store will have tons of decorations that you could choose from. You might also consider visiting thrift stores as well, as they usually have an assortment of potential decorations for a very affordable price.

Having a baptism reception at a house or a church is a good idea. You can use all sorts of things for baptism decorations. Flowers make lovely additions to any party. Choose from fresh and fake flower arrangements to suit your budget. Think about using flowers as your centerpiece for your tables as well.

Covering the tables with a fabric tablecloth is a great idea. Use a color that matches your theme, and for added flare, you could sprinkle some confetti on the tables as well. Purchasing fabric tablecloths is a good choice, as you can re-use them at other parties throughout the years.

If you happen to have pictures handy of the baby, you can make a collage, or you can put assorted pictures in frames and put them on the tables. Who doesn't love to look at photos of babies? Placing a photo album of the baby and family on the table is a great baptism decoration idea as well. You can also just have one table specifically for pictures of the baby. You could use that table as the gift table as well.

For a creative centerpiece of your baptism decorations, you could use three baby bottles and tie them together with ribbon and set them on the center of your tables. For an added touch, you can fill them with confetti. A lovely floral arrangement makes for a wonderful centerpiece and you can even give them away in a raffle drawing at the end of the reception if you'd like.

Don't forget about a celebrative cake at the reception. You can use your creative talent here and shape the cake like a cross or a heart. Think about writing a short message of congratulations on it and decorating it with edible flowers. Cupcakes are a great alternative if you prefer. Be sure that you make plenty, as many people like to eat two or three cupcakes at a time.

Your baptism reception will be a wonderful time, filled with laughter and love, and if you plan ahead, your baptism decorations will be lovely as well.

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