Catholic Baptism Gifts - Ideas for Good Baptism Presents

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for Catholic baptism gifts?

Baptism is a rite of passage for Christians around the world, and when you know someone who is about to be baptized, you want to show that person that you care with the right Catholic baptism presents.

There are many different types of Catholic baptism gifts that you can choose from, and there is really no 'wrong' gift when it comes to this occasion, as long as you use an ounce of common sense and some consideration for the person being baptized.

While many people think of baptism as being for infants only, there are actually many, many adults who are baptized every year. When it comes to Catholic baptism gifts, it is also a good idea to not forget about the godparents who will be involved in the ceremony as well.

Below is a list of ten Catholic baptism gifts that you can choose for that special occasion, whether or not you share the religious beliefs of the person or his or her family.

Choosing the right gift will most often mean that the person will cherish it for the rest of his or her life.

  • A Baptism Cross - This cross symbolizes the person's entrance into the church and into the faith of Jesus Christ. It can be hung on the wall over a baby's crib, placed on a shelf for display, or located in any other area that has significance to the family.

  • Catholic Baby's First Bible - Everyone's faith begins at some point. Even though a baby can't read the bible yet, when they are ready and learning to read, they will be able to read this book along with all of the others they will have around them.

  • Crib medals - Let the baby be surrounded and protected by the Saints with some precious crib medals.

  • Clothing with inspirational Catholic verses - The baptized baby can show off his or her faith in onsies and blankets that have some of the most profound and inspirational bible verses etched on them.

  • Keepsake frames - The parents of the baptized baby can capture the moment in pictures and display them in frames that have some wonderful heartfelt sayings on them.

  • Godparent mugs - A godparent is often proud of his or her role in a young Catholic's life. When he or she has a mug that commemorates the wonderful occasion, he / she will wake up every morning to the glorious reminder of his / her new role in this world, and the responsibility that comes with being a godparent.

  • Personal Bible - If the person who is baptized is an older teen or adult, choosing an engraved bible with his or her name on it can be a good Catholic baptism gift - a great memento of that momentous occasion.

  • Plush stuffed animals with inscriptions - Babies love stuffed animals, and you can have one with his name or a bible verse inscription on it and every day will be an inspirational one to the baby.

  • Rosary beads - Catholics sometimes use a rosary to pray, and when a person is baptized, a rosary makes a great Catholic baptism gift to commemorate the occasion.

  • Porcelain angels - Angels watch over us and, as a reminder, the newly baptized person can be assured of his protective angels every time he looks upon this wonderful gift.

Catholic baptism gifts don't always have to relate to the religion, but in most cases, it's a great idea to keep it in line with the person's new faith. We hope you have found something useful among the Christian baptism gift ideas discussed here.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Catholic Baptism Gifts?

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