Baptism Gift Ideas - Tips for Common and Unique Presents

Are you cracking your head for meaningful baptism gift ideas?

As baptism is the first step of a child's spiritual life, it would seem appropriate to give a spiritual gift for the occasion. There are, however, many other types of gifts that are appropriate for a baptism, too.

And considering that sometimes it isn't always a baby that is getting baptized, it is nice to have some baptism gift ideas that work just as well for a teen or adult. For any special event such as a baptism, it is always nice to have mementos, so when thinking of a special baptism present, try considering if it is something that can be kept in a scrapbook or other memento album. This will make your gift just that more special for the family.

This article will help give you some great ideas for a baptism gift regardless of the age of the recipient.

Baptism Gift Ideas

  • Baptism Photo Album: Regardless of the age of the person being baptized, photos are a fabulous way to preserve their special day. Take photos the day of the baptism, and present them at a later date in a specially designed photo album. Personalizing the album with the name of the child and the date of the baptism will make it even more special. Don't forget to leave a few empty pages in case the family has photos of their own they might like to add.

  • Baptism Scrapbook: There are so many things that can be preserved in a scrapbook from this special day. The invitations, some photographs, an embossed napkin from the reception; once you start thinking about it, you will find you have more than enough to put in a baptism scrapbook. If it is a baby's baptism, the bib or a piece of the baptism outfit is fun to preserve and becomes a treasured family keepsake in a baptism scrapbook.

  • Religious Jewelry: Religious jewelry is an ideal baptism gift idea. For girls, you might consider a silver cross on a chain, or a personalized bracelet with the baptism date engraved on it. For a boy, a religious medal or an engraved ring would be very appropriate.

  • Bible: The gift of a new bible is a popular baptism gift for any age. Engraving or embossing the baptism name and date makes this a very special keepsake for years to come. If the person receiving the baptism already has a bible, the gift of a bible cover with the same embossing is a lovely baptism gift idea.

  • Wooden or Porcelain Cross: An embossed wooden or porcelain cross for the child's room is a beautiful memento of their baptism day. Usually, the date and a religious saying can be embossed for a lasting keepsake. These crosses come in many sizes and can either hang on a wall or sit on a shelf in the child's room.

  • Rosary: A baptism is the perfect time to gift a rosary. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and price ranges that you will be sure to find something to fit in your budget. Rosaries are appropriate for both girls and boys and will be a welcome gift at any baptism.

    Ideas for Unique Baptism Gifts and Presents

    Here are some unusual baptism gift ideas which you could also consider.

  • Name a Star: As a baptism is also sometimes referred to as a naming ceremony, a very unique baptism gift idea would be to have a star named after the person being baptized. This is a lifetime gift that will be treasured. The star will come with a map of how to find it, and a certificate proclaiming it to belong to the recipient. If the recipient is older, a telescope to find the star would be a nice addition to this gift.

  • Sunrise Picture: Another very unique gift for a baptism is a picture of the sunrise on their baptizing day. This also can be personalized with name, date, and a religious saying and then framed for gift giving.

    You should now have a good idea of what will make good baptism gift ideas and be well on your way to selecting just the right baptism gift for you.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Baptism Gift Ideas and Tips?

    Do YOU have in mind some great baptism gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for baptism presents here!

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