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When a person enters into Christianity, they are baptized with Holy Water. There are a number of different baptism traditions throughout the world, and while some people and religious scholars can argue the merits of which traditions are legitimate and which ones are simply pagan or non-traditional, the ritual itself is merely a symbol of the individual passing into the world of Christ.

The origins of baptism can be traced back to the time of Christ, when John the Baptist would dip followers into the river to cleanse their spirits of their sins. This was based on the teachings of the bible and Christ at the time.

Throughout the years, however, many different divisions of Christianity have emerged, and each one has its own baptism traditions. Many of these traditions are incorporated from much older traditions that cultures practiced before Jesus Christ, His teachings, and the religion that is Christianity was introduced into their lives.

Around 300 A.D., for example, 300 years after the crucifixion of Christ, the Roman emperor Constantine realized that there was a major movement occurring with the religious beliefs of the people under his reign. Christianity was not recognized as a legitimate religion, though it had a number of believers practicing and honoring their faith in private. In order to maintain control, Constantine established the first official Christian church. But to appease his other subjects who worshipped many different gods, he incorporated many of those pagan traditions into this new Christian faith.

As a result, we have many different baptism traditions that have evolved throughout the years. Here are some of the traditions, for an example:

  • In Wales, when a baby is baptized, he or she is partially submerged in holy water. It is believed in this tradition that if the baby holds his or her head above water, he or she will enjoy a long life. Welsh gold has become a traditional gift in this baptism as well.

  • In Russia, a baby is dipped three times in holy water, then the priest blesses the water and the baby, then dresses the baby in a Christening shirt. A cross pendant is then given to the baby. A godfather and godmother are then chosen, and this tradition is commonly practiced throughout many other cultures throughout the world.

  • In Ireland, it is believed that baptism is the moment when a person, or baby, becomes a true follower of Christ. This tradition involves prayer over the child being baptized and dressing him or her in pure Irish garb.

    No matter where you go in the world, the baptism traditions can vary, but at their root core, the symbolism remains the same. When a person is baptized, they are entering into a world and a life that is following Christ and His teachings. Water is the central common connection that all baptisms share throughout the world, though the traditions may vary in some form or another.

    Deciding on which baptism tradition suits your beliefs or wishes will be a personal choice and should be something that is discussed with your family and spiritual advisor.

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