Easter Baskets Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Are you wondering what could be some good Easter baskets ideas?

Did you know that the origin of the Easter egg hunt and the story of the Easter bunny comes from Germany, where the legend tells of a white hare who hides the eggs for good children to find?

An Easter basket doesn't have to be filled with chocolate and candy. There are many healthy and original alternatives to choose from - and your Easter basket doesn't even have to be a basket! It could be a reusable box or a small plastic storage bin; a plastic pail; a sturdy gift bag; a toy; or even a hat! Use your imagination. A good Easter baskets idea for younger children is to use something that he or she can play with once the Easter holiday is over.

For a boy, you could choose any kind of truck or a fireman's hat and fill them with smaller trucks and cars, plastic dinosaurs, flashlights, stickers, yo-yo's, bubbles, crayons and coloring books - anything you think will appeal to the child and fit in with his interests.

Girls love pocketbooks, so give them a really pretty one filled with inexpensive "girlie" goodies: a change purse, plastic jewelry, jump ropes, stickers, bubbles, crayons and coloring books, and, of course, the Easter candy, but make sure it's wrapped well - a girl won't want her new pocketbook covered in melted chocolate. You could use a pretty hat instead of the pocketbook and fill that with the gifts.

Older girls will enjoy costume jewelry and drugstore makeup presented in a cardboard egg that you can buy already decorated.

If you're on a budget, you could include a gift that the child is going to need anyway - such as a new t-shirt, socks, flip-flops, swimsuit or hair accessories. Look for any sports-related items that the children will be using in the coming months.

Plan ahead and look for Easter baskets ideas in the after-Christmas sales - you should always be on the lookout for bargains that you can buy now and stash away for later. Think of Easter baskets as Christmas stockings for Easter! Don't forget some small wrapped Easter eggs and bags of candy, and folded-up dollar bills inside plastic eggs.

Easter baskets ideas for adults are pretty simple - and again they can be presented in a basket or perhaps a baseball cap with game tickets inside for a husband, boyfriend or son. A girlfriend, mom or daughter will love a small item of jewelry, a spa collection in her favorite perfume for the bath, or a collection of gourmet coffee or tea presented in a fun "Easter bonnet" or basket.

As part of your Easter baskets ideas, why not have some hard-cooked eggs and egg-decorating kits ready for Easter morning, too? Most stores have special holiday sections where you can find supplies to make your own unique designs. The eggs can be decorated and made ready for an Easter egg hunt later in the day. This will give the children something to do once they've seen all the gifts in their Easter baskets and eaten the few pieces of candy you've allowed them to have!

Of course, you could start a new family tradition by having an Easter basket hunt! Don't leave the baskets out in plain sight - make everyone search the house for their own special gift. Now isn't that an unusual Easter baskets idea?

As you can see, Easter baskets don't just have to be filled with chocolate rabbits and marshmallow treats. By all means add some candy, but the recipients of the basket will enjoy knowing that you've put so much thought into choosing their Easter gift and hopefully appreciate your kindness.

Many more Easter baskets ideas are available on this website, so be sure to check them out, either by browsing around or by using this website's search function.

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