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Do you need some ideas and tips for easy Easter crafts?

An Easter egg tree is a simple Easter craft to make for your home at Easter by using a slim tree branch, or several thin branches, inserted into a decorative pail or pot and hanging your egg ornaments onto it. You and your family can make the eggs from one of the ideas listed below. If you don't have room for a "tree", then simply hang the eggs on a window.

You can use up short scraps of leftover ribbon to make ribbon eggs by gluing them onto hard-cooked, blown or plastic eggs. Add glitter or sticker "jewels" to make them sparkle. Use hot glue or white glue to hold the ribbons in place until they are dry, then cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the egg "lengthways" and form a hanger - about 10" long. You could also fasten a shorter length of ribbon to the top of the egg with a dab of hot glue.

Another easy Easter craft would be to use plastic eggs glued together, blown eggs or Styrofoam eggs, to make jeweled Easter eggs by spray-painting the eggs with gold paint and decorating them with beads, fabric trim in gold, silver or any metallic color, fabric flowers, shiny buttons, and odds and ends of broken jewelry from your costume jewelry collection. (These eggs look very impressive if you can make a stand for each of them using a small screw top lid and a piece of wooden rod hot-glued together and spray painted.)

Glue a line of beads or part of an old necklace around the center line of the egg or use one large "jewel" as a center mark and start decorating the rest of the egg around from that point. For this easy Easter craft, let your imagination have full rein - each egg will be unique, and you can never overdo the decoration on a "Faberge" egg!

Here are some great and easy Easter craft ideas for the children who enjoy dyeing eggs: using rubber bands and stickers is an easy way for children to create something special instead of just using the usual store-bought egg decorating kits. Wrap rubber bands all around the egg, side to side and top to bottom, and angled every which way. Once the eggs are wrapped, dip them into the dye and watch the color seep underneath the rubber bands to create a one-of-a-kind design on the egg.

To dye the eggs using stickers, decorate a plain, white egg with the same kind of stickers, i.e. all hearts, all stars, or whatever you want to use. Then, making sure the stickers are firmly attached, especially around the sides, dip the egg into the dye until you have the desired color. Remove the stickers when the egg is dry - if any glue is left on the egg, rub it off with cooking oil.

Wreath decorations aren't just have for Christmas - as an easy Easter craft, you could make an Easter wreath for your door or a mini-wreath to hang on the window. Buy a twig wreath in the size you need and decorate it with pastel colored ribbons, sprays of small flowers, Easter bunny figures in the appropriate size, and add some of your decorated eggs.

Wrap the ribbons around the wreath first, then fill in the gaps with flowers, bunnies and eggs. Make a hanger for the wreath by looping a length of ribbon or wire through the twigs and attaching it firmly.

Another idea for easy Easter crafts is to make an Easter chick. This is an easy Easter craft decoration for children to make. You will need 1 yellow pompom, 1 set of "goggle" eyes and a scrap of orange felt to make each chick.

Cut a small diamond shape from the orange felt, fold it in half, position it to be in the center of the "face" and glue into place, making sure you open up a space between the fibers of the pompom to make a base for it to glue firmly. Experiment with the eyes in different places on the pompom to make sure your chick has the expression you want, then glue them into place - again, parting the fibers to ensure a good hold.

Cut the orange felt into heart shapes and glue onto the bottom of the pompom to make the feet. Each chick will look different because of the placement of the eyes and feet - make a whole flock of these easy Easter crafts and keep the children happy!

More ideas for easy Easter crafts can be found on the rest of this website, so do browse around or use its search function.

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