First Birthday Invitation - Tips and Ideas

Need help with your child's first birthday invitation? Here is a basic guide with some tips and ideas to get you going.

Usually, the only way your child will remember their 1st birthday party is by paging through memorabilia and photographs in their baby's first year book. Putting that little bit of extra effort into designing a fantastic invitation will really make your child's first birthday come alive again.

Whatever theme you choose to use, you will need to carry this theme over to the children and parents you are hoping will join you on this special day. Clowns, Disney cartoon characters, princesses and princes, fairies and goblins, are all themes that work very well here, or you can pay a visit to your local party shop for more inspiration on finding the perfect theme.

Using your chosen theme as a base for the design of the first birthday invitation need not be an expensive or time-consuming project; keeping it simple and striking with lots of color will make a statement and get everyone interested.

Purchasing the invitations is also an option, and you can buy the whole package of plates, cups, masks and just about anything that will make the theme work.

If you are designing the first birthday invitations yourself on your home PC, there is an endless amount of pictures and samples that you can download off the internet to help you get started. The first step is to find a picture to match your theme, and then you need to choose some colors that complement the picture. For example, if you have chosen fairies and goblins, use pink (for the fairies) and green (for the goblins), then add some blue for a finishing touch. Try to keep the color scheme away from clashing colors, like using pink, red and orange together.

The most important part about your child's first birthday party invitation is the information you provide. Personalize the first birthday invitation by writing the child's name at the top, and if you are welcoming the parents to join in the party, then this is a good place to put their names, too.

Next, you would usually extend the invitation, so write something like "we would love you to have loads of fun with (your child's name) on his / her first birthday party". If you will be having jumping castles, races or doing any kind of activities, or you would like them to dress up, you could slot that in here, too - this will peak their interest and let them be prepared to wear the right clothing too.

Address and venue is essential on your first birthday invitation if you don't want to have your phone ringing off the hook with everyone trying to get directions, and you need to add in the time and date. Keeping this section light hearted and less formal with simple wording will keep the children interested while at the same time giving their parents the right information.

Adding an R.S.V.P name and telephone number for the parents to call and let you know if they will be coming will help you plan and cater for the right amount of children; this is especially important if your party packs or party trinkets are personalized with their names.

End the first birthday invitation by expressing how much you would like them to be there and share in your child's special day. For example "You being there will add a special touch to (your child's name)'s very first birthday".

First birthday invitations that are creative, colorful and enticing will look great in your child's first year book, as well as make their first birthday an extra special occasion.

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What Are YOUR Favorite First Birthday Invitation Ideas?

How did YOU invite your guests when you celebrated your little one's 1st birthday? Share and write about your great invitation ideas and tips here!

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