First Birthday Party Ideas - What to Look Out For and Things to Do

Cracking your head for first birthday party ideas?

When your little one is having a first birthday, you might feel as if you have to "do it up" really big in order to offer him or her a really wonderful time, but it's important to remember that when it comes to your baby's first birthday, you might find that you have a better time when you save the big stuff for when he's a little older.

So, how do you plan a first birthday party that will be perfect for your baby right as he is now?

When you keep some basics in mind about the first birthday, you'll be able to have a fun birthday party without feeling stressed or bogged down. Your baby will have a wonderful time and you likely will too.

Who do you want to invite?

This is one of the first questions when it comes to first birthday party ideas.

Deciding who to invite to your baby's birthday party can be really tough, but remember that many of these occasions have more to do with your close friends and family than the friends of your little one. However, many babies who are approaching the first year mark have "friends" that they spend time with, so is it possible to incorporate everyone?

The simple answer is that, yes, you can involve everyone, no matter how big or small into your baby's first birthday. The key is in the planning. Most often, the other babies who will be involved in your party belong to friends or relatives, so plan for part of your baby's first birthday party to be about the younger guests.

What do you want to do? - First birthday party ideas

This is another important question for first birthday party ideas.

The entertainment would be the most difficult part of planning a birthday party, but by keeping in mind that your little one can only stand about an hour or so of stimulation, you can plan activities for your baby and her friends for a while, and let the party continue while she takes a nap if you like. So, your activities will typically be small and only last for a short amount of time.

The problem in planning activities is that you might not know how to get your baby and her "guests" playing. For the little ones, it might be fun to fill some bottles with rice and have baby bowling. Your baby's "friends" will need the help of their parents, but little ones enjoy activities such as this, and the parents might have fun, too.

Other parents prefer to offer some music that their baby and her friends will enjoy, and encourage more of a free play for a little bit - this is another first birthday party idea. Since children of this age are still really babies, this is usually a fun way to pass some time, but still let your baby have her day.

Getting the adult guests involved is a must

This is an important consideration when it comes to first birthday party ideas.

If you are a party planner who loves to have everyone participating, consider a "baby relay race", where your guests will crawl from one side of the room to the other to find the right baby toy out of a basket of toys and back again. This is fun for people of all ages and, you never know, your baby may wind up taking the lead.

When you're having a first birthday party, everyone knows it's for your baby, but he really is pretty limited as to what he can do, so you may decide that you want to involve the adults in activities that you do with your baby all the time and he enjoys. For instance, some one year olds love to dance, so why not put on his favorite music and have everyone dance along with her? Now that's a first birthday party idea! Depending on your group, you might find that this turns out to be more fun than you thought it would.

It's important to always remember that when you're having any kind of birthday party where children will be present, and especially when they are as young as a year, that safety is essential. So, even though you'll be having a good time with your guests, it's still important to keep your eye on any water, such as pools, and keep small things away from little fingers to avoid injuries or accidentally swallowing something. Besides the fun parts, these safety issues are also a key part of first birthday party ideas.

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What Are YOUR Favorite First Birthday Party Ideas?

How did YOU celebrate your child's 1st birthday? Share your great party ideas with other visitors to this site!

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