1st Birthday Invitations - Ideas on Inviting People to the Party

Need some inspiration and ideas for 1st birthday invitations?

Finally your little one is about to turn one and you are all geared up to celebrate his or her first birthday in a big way. The one thing you need to focus on as a priority for your child's 1st birthday party is on the invitation.

A child's first birthday is always special for the parents and they always try to make it special and an event to cherish forever. Lots of parents save the invitations to their children's birthdays in a birthday scrapbook, so you want to make sure this first invitation is something special.

If you are confused on how to make the 1st birthday party invitation, then read on to learn about some great ideas for 1st birthday invitations.

1st Birthday Party Invitation - Special Invitation

We don't actually need to stress that since it's your child's 1st birthday party invitation, it needs to be pretty special. Be careful while choosing the party invitation for the first birthday of your child because you need to make it memorable. You can pick a formal or a casual invitation, the choice is yours!

  • Formal Invitation: You need to be a little more creative while choosing a formal invitation for your child's first birthday party. It is always better to consider the theme and decoration of the party while choosing the invitation. The basic idea is to keep everything matched if you are choosing a formal theme and invitation for the child's first birthday party.

  • Casual Invitation: For a casual birthday, you need not stress yourself quite so much. A host of casual 1st birthday invitations can be easily found at your local department or drug store, on the internet, and at card printing shops. These invitations are perfect for those who are planning a real casual affair for their child's first birthday.

Personalized 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Thanks to the internet age, anything can be personalized in seconds. This holds true even for a child's 1st birthday invitation. Simply 'google' birthday invitations, find a personalized invitation that suits your needs, and you are in business.

You can even use your child's photo to give it that extra personalized touch. Make sure to preview before printing these invitations to ensure it is exactly how you like it. From the design to the photo, to the size, you cannot find a better way to personalize a first birthday party invitation.

Theme 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Another cool option for your child's 1st birthday invitations is to go for the popular 'theme' invitations. These invitations, as the name suggests, are matched with the theme of the birthday party.

If you have a baby boy, then go for a sporty look, such as a baseball, and instead of stitching around the ball, you could have the wording of the invitation. For a girl, go for a doll shaped invitation, or if it is a fairy theme party, make the invitations in the shape of wings or a wand. Once you have a theme, making the invitation to fit the theme should be easy.

Search Online

You can easily search and shop for 1st birthday invitations for your child on the internet. The best thing about online shopping for invitations is that you get a variety of exclusive designs and offers. Sometimes, you will get offers like free 10 card invitations along with free shipping. You can also get a logo or photo added on the invitation online.

Before actually placing an order, you can also ask for a proof and then decide whether to book an order for the invitations or not. The internet makes your options numerous, so always look for the best deal.

Hopefully, you are now filled with some great ideas on how to choose and what to choose in your child's 1st birthday invitation.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 1st Birthday Invitations?

How did YOU invite your guests when you celebrated your little one's first birthday? Share and write about your great invitation ideas here!

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