Inexpensive Birthday Gifts - Ideas for Good Presents Which Do Not Cost That Much

Are you in need of ideas for inexpensive birthday gifts, as your pocket seems to be a little tight lately?

Has someone's birthday caught you in the middle of a month when there is just not that extra money to spend on getting a special birthday present?

Don't worry - the solution is easy and inexpensive, and the gift does not have to look cheap if you spend time thinking and planning it out properly.

Using those boxes and boxes of photographs that lie around in the house collecting dust will make a fantastic personalized memento and inexpensive birthday gift for anyone celebrating their birthday. Choose a photograph of them standing next to their first car, having drinks on their first overseas trip, or one where you are both sharing a moment.

Glue the photograph on to any colored board, decorate the board with some of the interesting scrapbooking trinkets available, then think of something quirky to write underneath the photograph. If you have a spare frame lying around, you could paint or spray paint the outside of the frame and slip the photograph into it, or you could just laminate it.

Another idea for inexpensive birthday gifts involves bringing out your technical and creative talents by creating a DVD slide show on your home PC with funny home videos or previous party photos that you have been to together. Don't forget to add some photos of yourself and your family too.

Add songs from the birthday person's favorite music genre, then round the package off by printing a colorful label and inserting the DVD into a cover which could also be a homemade card on the inside. The same concept can be used to create a collection of music for an iPod or C.D, which is perfect for the younger generation.

Need more ideas for inexpensive birthday gifts or presents?

Giving books has never been easier with the full range of reasonably priced eBooks available for download off the internet, or you could create your own with those favorite recipes or D.I.Y hints and tips. For that added touch, you could print the EBook out, design a front cover page with the birthday person's name on, and have it bound at your local stationery shop, then wrap it up in old (preferably clean) newspaper and string.

How about inexpensive birthday gifts for kids?

Smaller children always enjoy sweets, balls, or anything that is colorful and makes a noise, so put together some cheap toys, lots of sweets, a whistle or a party blower, jumble it all into a gift bag, and touch it up with a colorful homemade Pin Wheel on a stick. You could use this same Pin Wheel to create a mobile that blows in the wind, to hang from the ceiling over a baby's cot or crib.

If you are not a craft type person, then this idea for inexpensive birthday gifts is just right - buy a collection of the latest magazines on topics that the birthday person has an interest in, wrap up some home baked cookies in cellophane, and add an unusual coffee or tea, and if your budget can stretch a little further, buy a coffee or tea mug to round off this gift.

Giving a birthday gift, no matter how small or inexpensive, means so very much more when lots of thought , a bit of time, and a small amount of effort goes into creating the right birthday gift idea.

You would be able to find more ideas for inexpensive birthday gifts if you browse through the other articles and pages on this website.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have some fine ideas for birthday presents which are cheap or inexpensive? After all, some of us do wish to find a bargain from time to time. Share and write about your great cheap birthday gift ideas here!

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