Funny Valentine's Ideas - Looking at Humor in Love

Are you seeking funny Valentine's ideas? Want to read about some humorous aspects of love and Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day - the day of the lover, the best friend forever and chocolate; in that order. Except for a select few, it is a special day for just about everyone wanting to reach out to special friends and loved ones alike.

While traditionally (since the 19th century - in the UK first and then in the US) it was a day for showing affection beginning with lacey fine fabric or silk cards expressing deep affection and appreciation, the humorous cards have become increasingly popular during the later 20th and 21st centuries.

There is not a lot known or understood about the early days of Valentine's. It is thought to originate with the saint, Valentine, but even that is not certain. The practice is celebrated in some way all over the world. For instance, in Norway, if you sight birds mating (especially February 14th), it is a sure sign of love and spring.

In Denmark, young couples exchange funny poems or love notes and send little white flowers called Snowdrops to one another. Iceland's tradition is giving flowers and having both dinner and breakfast by candlelight due to its dark wintering cycle.

There is nothing quite like funny Valentine's poetry to put a smile on someone's face. And while there are great funny Valentine's Day cards already - out the first of every February from elite card shops to the many dollar stores all over the country - there is something about creating funny verses of your own to bring about a positive response, especially when presented with a box of chocolates.

Kids love humorous Valentine's, too. Over the years, Valentine's Day has become a day for them to exchange cute cards with their friends at school as well as at home. After all, a picture of plums hanging from the tree and one says to the other: "I'm plum crazy about you", is clever for their age group. Or a picture of an eye, a heart and a ewe - of course, symbolizing "I love you" really tickles them.

There are times when funny Valentine's humor is not only appreciated, but necessary - it breaks the ice, smoothes over rough spots, and sometimes says what you cannot in a casual, easy manner. Humor is infectious, communicating where other avenues are often lacking.

Romance is what every relationship needs and humorous romance is enhancing as well as binding. The really great thing about funny Valentine's ideas is, if you cannot find anything locally to fit your needs, you can go online and find whatever you are looking for. Many of the sites even offer to personalize without further charge.

Well known people from all walks of life have penned humorous and funny Valentine's love quotes. Melanie Clark said: "Maybe you can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all the accessories."

"Romantic love is mental illness," says Fran Lebowitz, "but a pleasurable one. It's like a drug that distorts reality; and that's the point of it. It'd be near impossible to fall in love with anyone that you really saw."

Or how about Francis Bacon, who sticks to the same story without reservation: "It is impossible to love and be wise."

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