Valentine's Day Traditions and How It is Celebrated

Do you wish to learn a little about Valentine's Day traditions?

How many people even know who St. Valentine was? It's fairly certain that he was a Roman named Valentine who was imprisoned and put to death, possibly for aiding Christians to escape from Rome around the year 270 BC.

He is said to have sent the first valentine, perhaps to the daughter of one of his jailors, and signed it "From your Valentine".

Years ago, Valentine cards were much fancier than they are nowadays; I still have a card that my mother sent to my father and it's really elaborate and detailed with lace and satin - simply beautiful. However, since the middle of the last century, Valentine's Day cards have been mass-produced and now include humorous and sometimes cruel messages of "love".

Of course, it's a Valentine's Day tradition to send a card to the one you love, along with a bunch of flowers; preferably roses. However, different colored roses have different meanings. We should all know that red roses stand for true love, but white roses say, "I love you not." So be careful which color you choose! Chocolates might just be my favorite Valentine's Day gift. Especially those yummy imported ones in the fancy boxes!

Another Valentine's Day tradition is to take the one you love out for a special dinner at the best restaurant you can afford. Some people rent a limousine for the occasion to make it even more memorable and so that the couple can enjoy a glass or two of champagne to celebrate their love.

Many people get engaged on Valentine's Day, with the prospective fiance finding all kinds of unique ways of proposing - from having a plane fly a banner asking her the burning question, to hiding the ring in a favorite dessert. The dessert idea isn't always reliable, as many a newly engaged fiancee has swallowed the ring - with dire consequences! I suppose that would take some of the romance away from the proposal.

Valentine's Day traditions vary throughout the world. In Finland and Estonia, it is celebrated as "Friend's Day" and is more concerned with celebrating friends than lovers; in Turkey, it is known as "Sweetheart's Day", and in Japan, ladies give gifts of chocolates to men they admire, although the custom of celebrating Valentine's Day is not traditional to Japan and has been imported from America - which is true for many countries.

Many elementary schools have begun to organize Valentine's Day mail boxes in the classroom, and although it is not a national holiday, there is little school work done that day! The teacher distributes the cards and the children often have a party in the classroom and exchange small gifts.

But how do you celebrate Valentine's Day traditions without a partner? Many single people organize parties at a local restaurant or bar and enjoy dining and dancing in the company of their friends.

Of course, the ultimate Valentine's Day tradition is to make February 14th the day of your wedding and celebrate your love amongst all of your family and friends. This makes a special day even more memorable - and no one will have an excuse to forget your wedding anniversary!

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