Free Homemade Gift Ideas - Tips for Organic, Romantic and Other Great Presents

Do you need inspiration for free homemade gift ideas?

Anyone can buy readymade gifts from a gift shop, but presenting someone with a homemade gift is a different experience altogether.

You will feel great about creating something with your own two hands, while the recipient of a homemade gift feels extremely special that you have taken the time to make something unique just for him or her.

A homemade or handmade gift is something that can be as simple as a recipe in a jar or a hand painted portrait. The extent of the gift is really irrelevant. The important thing is that a homemade gift comes from the heart and is something to be appreciated and cherished by the recipient. Read on to discover some great free homemade gift ideas.

Organic Homemade Gift Ideas

If you wish to prepare homemade gifts that are environmentally friendly, an organic homemade gift is just the thing for you. Food gifts, home gifts, fun gifts and fashion or beauty related gifts are all free homemade gift ideas that can be done with organic in mind.

  • Food Gifts: It is quite easy to think up an organic food gift idea. Choose a gift of a basket full of fresh organic produce, fruits, and perhaps teas or jams. To make this gift also environmentally friendly, you should choose a reusable shopping basket, or a FairTrade basket.

  • Home Gifts: There are so many things that you can use around the house that are organic and reusable. Pack a reusable shopping bag with some homemade organic cleaners. You can find ideas for many types of cleaning solution on this website. Make sure you include a copy of the recipe so that the recipient can make more once they run out.

  • Fun Gifts: Need more free homemade gift ideas? Homemade paper is a wonderful gift that can be easily made into a stationary set, and is something that is useful for anyone. You can personalize this by adding initials at the top of each page with a calligraphy pen or ink stamps. Tie with a matching ribbon for a finishing touch.

  • Fashion or Beauty Related Gifts: Organic lip balm, organic shampoo, organic body scrubs and similar recipes can be easily researched on the internet. Ensure that the recipient has no allergies to the ingredients. Package items like these into reusable containers, and present them in a reusable or FairTrade basket. This is another item that you might want to provide recipes for.

Free Homemade Romantic Gift Ideas

Now, how about free homemade gift ideas which have a romance element to them?

A romantic present does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, some of the most romantic gifts are things that come from the heart and are free. The gift of one's time, for example, costs the giver nothing (in terms of money), but could be priceless to the recipient. Read through the following section of this article to give you some thoughts to consider about some free romantic gift ideas.

  • Homemade Meal: The first free homemade gift idea to consider here is to satisfy a person's stomach. There is nothing more romantic than knowing what your partner's favorite foods are, or how he / she likes his / her coffee. One of the nicest things you can do for your partner, male or female, is to prepare his or her favorite meal. You have to cook anyway, so the cost is irrelevant - the gift you are giving is your thoughtfulness. If it is a breakfast that you will be preparing, try serving it on a tray in bed. Nothing is more romantic than being served your favorite breakfast in bed. Add a handpicked flower to the tray for a nice touch.

  • Love Song or poem: Here's another of the romantic free homemade gift ideas - how about writing a song just for the one you love? If you are not quite so musically inclined, a poem will be just as appreciated. Write it out on some beautiful handmade paper and roll it up with a ribbon. This is another free homemade gift idea that only costs your time and will be something that is cherished forever.

  • Personalized CD: Compose a personalized CD of all of your partner's favorite songs, or songs that remind you of him / her. Create your own artwork on the cover and present it with a note explaining how the songs make you feel. This is another of the free homemade gift ideas that will be much appreciated.

  • Re-Do a Room: If your spouse has been making comments about a room decor or not enough room, take a day while he / she is out and rearrange everything. Moving furniture around is a great way to freshen up a room and make you feel like you have done some major renovations. You can spruce up an older couch or chair by making a slipcover out of a sheet or spare curtain. If you have some spare cans of paint in the garage, you can add some stenciling to your ceiling border, or even change the pictures that are framed. Keep the frames and add new pictures to change your look a little. This is a very creative way to make an old room new while not costing any money. What a great free homemade gift idea indeed!

Other Free Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Handmade Greeting Cards
  • Pen Holders
  • Scented Potpourri
  • Garden Decor (painting rocks and making a path or stepping stones)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Wall Decorations

    Once you try one or two of these free homemade gift ideas, it will be easier for you to start thinking of how easy it is to do something creative, thereby presenting someone with a practical and / or meaningful gift, or giving your partner a romantic gift, at little or no cost to you other than your time and imagination.

    Have fun, and remember to use your creativity and imagination!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Free Homemade Gift Ideas and Tips?

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    Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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