Interview Questions for Teachers - Useful Guide for Both Employers and Candidates

Are you searching for some possible interview questions for teachers?

If so, it will likely be because you are either a company looking for a potential teacher, or a teaching candidate looking for potential employment. Either way, there is usually a long list of general questions that either party will want to have first-rate answers for.

This article will give you a good idea of what kinds of questions are normally asked at teaching interviews, and these will be helpful whether you are the prospective employer or employee.

Interview Questions for Teachers

If you are a prospective employer, the following are some fundamental interview questions for teachers that you will want to have answered prior to hiring a teacher:

  • Experience: The first thing you will want to know about a potential teacher is what their teaching experience is. How long have they been teaching? What subjects have they taught and for how many years? Have they relocated a lot or do they show stability in their teaching experience to date?

  • Techniques: What is the teaching technique the potential employee uses? How would they deal with a troubled student, a successful student, or a challenging situation? How would this teacher keep their students actively engaged? These are all key questions that you will want to ask at your interview.

  • Ideas: What is the teacher's idea of motivational strategy? How will they incorporate technology in today's classroom? What is their strategy for planning a study unit? What are the ideas for homework and deadlines? Answers to these types of interview questions for teachers will give you keen insight into this potential teacher.

  • Philosophy: Every potential teacher should have a philosophy about teaching in general. Asking a potential teaching employee about their teaching philosophy is very important, and will show what kind of integrity this teacher has.

  • Discipline and Management: It is very important to understand exactly where a teacher stands on the issues of discipline. What is their position on positive and negative reinforcement? What is their plan to exercise control in the classroom and what techniques are used to handle potential discipline problems in the classroom? These are important interview questions for teachers.

  • Knowledge: If the potential teacher is being hired for a specific subject, such as math, what is their skill in teaching this particular subject? Have they taken specific courses that make them especially qualified to teach this course? What is their educational background and teaching experience in this subject? These are important interview questions for teachers, too.

If you are a teacher going in for an interview, there are also questions you need answers to before agreeing to be an employee. Here are some common questions you can ask of a potential employer:

  • How do you support teachers who want to stay current in their particular field?

  • What is the school discipline philosophy? This is just as important for the potential teacher as it is for the potential employer. Both teacher and school should be on the same page when it comes to discipline philosophies.

  • Is there room for advancement? Many teachers like to move into higher level positions, such as principal. It is important to know how the potential employer supports advancement within the school.

  • What needs and expectations does the administration have of other teachers?

These are not all the questions you might have or get in an interview, but they are very common. Be prepared for interview questions for teachers that help reveal your character, and perhaps questions about past experiences and how you have dealt with them. These types of questions are common for both interviewer and candidate.

All the best!

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