Preschool Christmas Crafts - Fun Activities for Young Kids

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for preschool Christmas crafts?

Many schools and preschools incorporate crafts into their holiday activities. These activities allow children to celebrate the Christmas season, learn new skills and have fun at the same time. Preschool Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to let toddlers have a good time.

Here are some preschool Christmas crafts you can do at your daycare or home. Always remember to have a responsible adult working closely with the children to make sure that they stay safe while having fun.

One craft is the construction paper wreath. You will need the following items: 2 sheets of construction paper in holiday colors, red or green crayon or magic marker, stapler or clear tape, scissors, ruler, and ribbon.

Have an adult cut one inch lengths out of the construction paper. You should end up with eight cut lengths. Take one and form a circle. Staple or tape the circle together (have an adult help you with this). Next, take your other strips and one-by-one tape or staple one end to the circle.

With your crayon or magic marker, draw pictures on each strip (you can be very creative with this and draw whatever you wish). You may even want to ask the adult to help you write your and your family's names on each of the strips. Loop each strip (with the drawing or writing on the outside so it will be visible) and staple or tape to the other side of the circle.

To hang, use your ribbon to create a loop. You can also use your ribbon to create a bow to put somewhere on your wreath.

Another fun preschool Christmas craft activity for the children is to let them create their own snowflakes. Take several sheets of white construction paper (or copy paper) and fold it into a small square. With the aid of safety scissors, let the children cut away pieces of each square. Let them know that they don't want to cut away too much because you want the snowflake to hold its shape.

Once they have finished cutting, carefully unfold the paper. The child has now created a snowflake. Use a piece of ribbon to tie one end so you can hang the snowflake up.

Yet another simple preschool Christmas craft is to make popsicle snowflakes. For this, you will need popsicle sticks, washable paint, glitter and stick on sequins or jewels, and glue.

Give each child three popsicle sticks and let them cover one side completely with washable paint. Add glitter and let dry completely. Once the paint has dried, glue the sticks together, forming a star or snowflake type pattern. Add sequins or stick on jewels to the ends of each popsicle stick. Attach a ribbon to the snowflake to hang.

Preschool children also like to decorate their own Christmas trees. For this activity, give each child a cutout of a Christmas tree from green construction paper. Take other colors of construction paper and cut out shapes of Christmas balls, stars or other shapes. Using glue, let the children decorate their trees the way they wish.

These are just a few of the many preschool Christmas crafts that you can do at your home or daycare. The main idea is to have fun and let the children learn new skills and explore their creativity.

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