Kids' Christmas Craft Ideas for the Children to Enjoy and Learn From

Are you looking for nice kids' Christmas craft ideas?

Kids love crafts and all the activity that goes along with it, especially around the holidays. Making homemade Christmas cards and Christmas tree ornaments has been a tradition handed down from generation to generation in families around the world.

Ornaments are some of the most personalized crafts of all and can be made from anything from toilet paper rolls to coffee filters. Even the tradition of stringing popcorn to create garland has variations.

Here is one kids' Christmas craft idea - you can create a lovely tree garland by boring small holes in both ends of raw eggs, blowing out the whites and yolks (save for omelets or something like that), and letting the empty egg shells dry for a day or two. Decorate with paint, markers or construction paper, however you choose, then string together and drape around the tree.

Advent calendars are always exciting for children, revealing pictures or little candies and nuts with each passing day. Cover a piece of cardboard with a brightly colored sheet of construction paper in which you have cut out 24 tabs. Behind these tabs, hide family pictures, instructions for games to play, or cookies to bake - whatever activity you like.

Hand puppets made from lunch bag size paper bags is another favorite kids' Christmas craft that can be decorated to look like Santa, an angel, a reindeer, an elf, snowman or anything that you prefer. Snowmen fashioned from paper plates will keep preschoolers occupied and can be hung on doors, windows or anywhere around the house.

Here is another idea for kids' Christmas crafts. First, create paper wreaths from construction paper or tissue paper decorated with little red berries (paper), ribbons and bows and the like. Grab the largest pine cone you can find and spray paint it green (optional).

Then decorate with beads and trinkets to represent ornaments and top it off with a little spray snow to make a cute mini Christmas tree that is suitable for end tables or anywhere space is at a premium. These kids' Christmas crafts can also be made with sugar cones if there are not any pinecones handy.

Take smaller clay pots about 3 inches in diameter and decorate them to look like whichever Christmas character you choose; of course, anything that looks like Santa needs to have copious amounts of cotton balls attached for his snowy white beard. When they are done, they make adorable little candy or nut holders that can be placed around the house.

Felt is another medium that lets you make any character or Christmas item that you want. The many different colors allow you to create tree ornaments or wall hangings. Pipe cleaners strung with beads and formed in shapes to look like candy canes can be draped on the branches of trees to give them a festive look.

There are hundreds of kids' Christmas craft ideas that the children can enjoy for Christmas, and many of them for little or no cost outside of a little ingenuity and imagination. One thing is for sure, the pride in their accomplishments and the fun they have along the way will make for a very memorable holiday season.

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