Homemade Christmas Crafts - Ideas for Heartfelt Handmade Gifts

The great advantage to making homemade Christmas crafts is that you have the pleasure of creating something unique and saving money at the same time.

If you begin working on your craft items weeks or months before Christmas, you will have the benefit of being prepared for the holiday gift-giving frenzy, and not frantically racking your brain for gift ideas at the last minute. Believe me, that is a good feeling!

If your children are interested in crafts, you can encourage them to help you make something special for relatives, teachers or friends. If you enjoy working together, making homemade Christmas crafts together will be real "quality time" to spend with them.

If you know they'll drive you crazy and you'll end up re-doing what they've made, then allow them to help with just the easy parts of a project, such as sorting beads into different sizes or colors or making sure your paint brushes are all still serviceable - I'm sure you can think of something for them to do that won't detract from the finished product!

You should visit the craft store sales and see if there are any items that could be utilized for homemade Christmas crafts. Think of plain aprons, oven mitts, dish towels, placemats, etc. which you can decorate with fabric paint using stencils or even freehand drawings by the children - but have them practice on plain paper first!

A great homemade Christmas craft for grandparents can be made with a plain wooden photo frame from the craft store. Select your favorite photo of the children and have them paint and decorate the frame to match the setting in the photo - such as a nautical theme for a shot of them at the beach or their school name and date for a class picture.

Homemade Christmas ornaments are gifts that will be cherished for years to come - I know I have some that were painted by friends that have tremendous sentimental value for me. I also have a few with photos inside that are equally precious.

You can find kits to embroider ornaments with a simple cross stitch pattern, ranging from Santa's and snowflakes to angels and small winter landscapes. Just be sure you paint the date on these gifts, and if your children have made them, have them sign their names on these homemade Christmas crafts, too.

A quilter could make several small Christmas quilts that can be given as gifts and used as wall decorations for the Christmas season. Make an easy Christmas tree pattern and decorate the 'tree' with beads and ribbons, creating a different themed tree for each recipient. This kind of homemade Christmas craft is a one-of-a-kind gift that will be used for many years. Make sure to embroider your name and the year on these, too.

If you can find a source for plain candles, you or the children can decorate them with string, ribbons, beads or stickers. You could also easily make your own candles to give as gifts by using supplies from the craft store - use pretty jars and decorate them with glass paint to make a homemade Christmas craft that will give a glow to any setting.

Make sure to check out your local craft store in the fall for classes and ideas on how to make homemade Christmas crafts and you will be able to avoid a lot of the stress that Christmas gift giving can cause. Have a very merry and relaxed Christmas!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Christmas Crafts?

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