Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - Tips for Wonderful Decorations

Are you seeking inspiration for Christmas tree decorating ideas?

It's that time of year again. Time to find the perfect Christmas tree - or resurrect last year's fake tree. You look at the tangle of tree lights and really, really wish you'd wound them around something so that you could use them again.

But what about the ornaments? Are you going to use your old (and sometimes treasured) ornaments or go all out and buy new ones? If you'd thought ahead, you would have been trolling the garage sales for Christmas ornaments; sometimes, people decide to make a 'themed' Christmas tree and sell off their old decorations for next to nothing; and don't forget the after-Christmas sales where you can buy expensive ornaments for half price.

Let's say you've made your decision about the tree; now let's think about how to begin your Christmas tree decorating ideas. Are you going to have a traditionally decorated tree with your mixture of old and new different colored and decorated ornaments, or are you going to have a 'themed' tree? A themed tree can be one that is hung with a certain kind of ornament, such as Disney characters, or a Victorian tree hung with 'old-fashioned' ornaments and flowers to create a tree that is reminiscent of days gone by.

A more 'trendy' Christmas tree decorating idea is to have only one or two colors on the tree. This looks very elegant on any sized tree - choose cream and burgundy, teal blue and copper, red and white, blue and white; or use different shades of one color for a stunning effect.

Whichever style you choose to decorate your Christmas tree, the first thing that you should do is to arrange the lights - which poses yet another dilemma. Do you want to use newly bought lights or your old ones, and do you want clear or colored, blinking or static? Begin at the base of the tree on the inside branches and work your way up to the top of the tree. Once you have the lights arranged to your satisfaction, you're ready to drape the garlands or tinsel.

However, a better Christmas tree decorating idea is to use wired ribbon instead, in either plain colors or patterns. You can buy spools of ribbon and simply wind it around the tree; this is easy to do and it stays in place, unlike tinsel, which can 'shed' onto the floor and be picked up and eaten by small children. It's also easy to remove; you simply rewind it onto the spool and save it for next year.

Next up for Christmas tree decorating ideas - now it's time to hang the ornaments. Use your plain colored Christmas tree ball ornaments on the 'inside' of the tree close to the trunk to add interest and depth, and save the special ones for closer to the outside of the tree; but don't hang them on the ends of the branches where they can easily be knocked off by children or pets, especially your treasured ones such as those that children have made for you or have been gifts from special friends.

If you're ready to update your Christmas tree decorating ideas but can't decide on a style, you should check out the display trees set up in malls, department stores and craft stores. But always remember - it's your tree and you can decorate it however you and your family want to.

Instead of a traditional fairy or tree topper, we have a Miss Piggy of Muppet fame as our angel Christmas tree topper; she has been with us for many years and always raises a smile from her many admirers!

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