Romantic Dares - Tips and Ideas for Playing the Game

Romantic dares can be fun for all couples.

For play or the thought of rekindling your romance, they are creative, fun, and an easy way to spark up either a date or a long-term relationship as well as liven up a party.

Romantic dares can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. There are even pre-made games available that help with intriguing ideas and suggestions for such romance dares. This article will help you find out what might work best for you in your pursuit of some ideas.

Playing the Game

Similar to 'truth or dare', a game role version of romantic dares can be played with one couple, or many. Group play keeps things light and fun, and it can be very entertaining to say the least. Here are some ideas for playing the game in a group environment.

  • Step 1: First get all the couples in a room and arrange everyone in a circular fashion with a boy / girl spacing. Make sure everyone is comfortable, and have snacks and drinks handy for convenience.

  • Step 2: Explain the rules clearly so everyone is well aware of what to expect. You will have decided well ahead of time how tame or risque that the game will be, so make sure everyone is aware of what the limitations and boundaries are.

  • Step 3: If you have decided a 'random' aspect of the game, you might have questions / dares on pieces of paper inside a hat or bowl. Spinning a bottle is a great way to decide whose turn it is. Once the bottle stops, that person will pick a paper out which will have his or her romantic dare / question on it. With a group, it is best to keep the 'dares' to questions, keeping the party at a rated 'G' level for everyone's comfort.

  • Step 4: If you are making up the questions / dares, ensure that there are humorous ones in the mix to keep everything lighthearted and fun. Adding humor is also a great way to keep things lively.

  • Step 5: Have some creative prizes on hand for the guests - some ideas could be a romantic CD for the most romantic answer / dare of the evening, a round of imported cheese for the 'cheesiest' answer / dare, a pair of wild colored mismatched socks for the most outrageous answer / dare, or even a small fruit basket for the best response to a food related question / dare.

    Quick Tips on Questions and Dares

    Remember to keep things tasteful in a group environment. Know the limits, and if you see anyone starting to become uncomfortable, lighten up the situation a bit.

    The questions that you choose for the romantic dares should be intelligent, funny with an element of edginess in them, but never rude or offensive. The idea is to make the experience an enjoyable one in which everyone can participate and for all to have fun.

    If, on the other hand, you want to focus on you and your partner, you can make up something like a 'romantic dare' coupon book; or each of you write 10 of your most romantic dares for your partner, put them in a bowl, and alternate who pulls one out once or twice a week. You could also play your own twosome version of the party game, but your questions could obviously be more intimate if you choose.

    Whether you choose to do the romance dares with a single partner or a group, this is a fun and entertaining evening for everyone involved.


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    What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Romantic Dares?

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