Intimate Romantic Games - Improve Your Intimacy and Romance

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for intimate romantic games?

There comes a point in every relationship where you need to introduce a bit of saucy spice and some intimate sparkle to liven up your activities behind closed doors.

Intimate romantic games are just the thing to help you get rid of your inhibitions and start exploring the wilder side of being intimate with someone special.

There are a variety of games which you can buy from the internet which are specifically designed to add mystery and release your inhibitions. The games range from board games, physical touching games, and a range of scratch cards, all of which will help any couple who need to put the spark back into their bedroom.

A definite favorite in the intimate romantic games theme is the 52 Nights of Romance card set. When you purchase this game, you get 52 scratch cards which explain how to do something romantic and interesting with your partner behind closed doors.

These cards work perfectly in conjunction with the popular date night theme, and if you give your partner the scratch card in the morning before they go to work, it will heighten the anticipation and expectations for the evening to come. Prepare some romantic finger foods, chill champagne in an ice bucket next to the bed, and light some candles to create a perfectly romantic ambience in which to experiment in.

Strip Chocolate will allow you to heighten your taste buds and increase the flow of sensations to just the right spot. As you play this board game, you will have to paint each other and yourselves with liquid chocolate while taking all your clothes off. This is a perfect game to play in summer next to a secluded pool, where you can explore each other on a soft blanket under the stars.

Need more ideas for intimate romantic games?

The Romantic Sensations Board Game focuses on enhancing all five senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. You start by picking a card that will tell you to do or say something that will heighten one of the senses. It comes complete with massage and bath gel so you can really lose all those inhibitions and start enjoying each other on a whole new level.

Everyone has a fantasy they would love to play out with their partner, and trusting your partner enough to share your fantasy with them will help to move the intimacy between you to new heights. Turn your date night into a fantasy sharing night, where you spend time sharing your intimate fantasies with each other - this usually leads to other things, so ride your imagination.

As part of your intimate romantic game, try using different and interesting stuff around the house to make your fantasies a reality. Start by trying feathers, ice or melted chocolate to ease you both into this new adventurous experiment.

Being intimate with someone special is an integral part of any relationship and can bring you both physically and emotionally closer to each other. Intimacy has an almost magical way of reminding both of you of the reason why you are together, so don't be afraid to explore various intimate romantic games. Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Intimate Romantic Games?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for intimate romantic games for lovers, games which can bring a couple's love, romance and intimacy to the next level? Share and write about your favorite romantic games for couples here!

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