Romantic Game Ideas - Fun for Love and Romance

Are you seeking fun and inspired romantic game ideas?

When you are trying to keep your dating life interesting, new and exciting, it's a good idea to throw in some fun and games.

One of the most romantic game ideas out there is to do a scavenger hunt with that special someone. This definitely takes some work to figure out, but in the end, it will all be worth every second. Get out your notebook and pool your resources, as this can be as big or small of an undertaking as you decide to make it!

First things first, you've got to come up with the prize. Maybe it is high time you propose; if so, get that diamond ring and get to work! Perhaps you're not quite THERE yet in your relationship - that's okay! Maybe you'd like to end the hunt with a romantic, candle-lit picnic, a bottle of wine at the beach, or a dozen roses and a slow dance under a streetlight. Whatever it is, make it good, and make it worth the effort your partner will have to go through to get it!

Once you've come up with the treasure for the scavenger hunt, what's the next part of this romantic game idea? Well, you've got to come up with clues.

Depending if you're planning to use your whole house, neighborhood, or city, you've got a lot of options. Maybe you live near the coast and there is a pier - you could place a fishing pole off the pier with a waterproof clue on the end of the line that your guy or gal can reel in to find where to go next. If you're just doing it around your home, hide some things in odd places, like in the toilet tank, in the microwave, or under your mattress. Be clever and original - you don't want them figuring it out too easy.

For this romantic game idea, provide mini-prizes along the way. Halfway there, leave a chocolate bar or your partner's favorite snack for them to find and snack on while they continue on. That keeps the motivation up as well as curiosity for what is to come.

If your grand prize is a fancy dinner out, you could leave a pair of diamond earrings with one of the clues, high heels with another, etcetera, until your final clue leads to the closet on a dress you've bought for your lady to wear on your romantic night on the town. Just some simple touches can make the game really fun.

Once your date has worked through your romantic game idea, be there at the final clue, waiting with roses, dressed up, or whatever you need to do. If you're proposing, be down on that knee, or be sitting under a tree, playing the guitar singing Adam Sandler's "I Wanna Grow Old With You" song. End the game on a brilliant note, and laugh and enjoy your evening with that special someone, telling him or her all about the work you put into the romantic game you planned just for him / her!

Wish to read up on other romantic game ideas? Be sure to browse around the rest of this website, use its search function, or check out the tips and ideas shared by other visitors. Share YOUR ideas, too!

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