Creative Marriage Proposals - Inspirational Ideas for Popping the Question

Are you seeking inspiration for creative marriage proposals?

Are you thinking about proposing and now you're trying to find the perfect way to pop the question to your significant other?

A proposal is a memory that will last a lifetime, so making it memorable is often at the forefront of one's mind. Some people really go out of their way to make their proposals as imaginative and creative as possible. The following is just a few examples of how you might make your proposal one to remember.

Say it with flowers

Flowers are always appreciated, and you can get creative with a flower arrangement when it comes to creative marriage proposals, without it being a cliche. How can you achieve this? How about spelling out the proposal with flower petals? Hiding the ring box in a beautiful bouquet?

One man sent his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt, complete with clues. At each point she collected a different flower. When she got to the end, not only did she have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, but she also had an engagement ring as well.

Try a unique message

The whole "message in a bottle" concept has been intriguing people for ages. It's romantic, mysterious, and timeless. You could try your own message in a bottle, but with a romantic twist. There are actually some companies out there that will insert romantic messages into beautiful bottles and deliver them in wooden "treasure" boxes. You can write your own message or choose from a variety of templates.

Another creative marriage proposal idea is to take your significant other to a beach picnic, where you strategically hide a bottle with your proposal close to your blanket. When she finds the bottle and opens it, she'll read the question. Of course, you might want to keep the ring on you, or else you might risk getting it stuck in the opening.

Catch her off guard

Women sometimes think that they know when they are going to be proposed to. Trying to catch her off guard with creative marriage proposals could be tricky, but it's not impossible.

Recently, a man I knew had a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. Although she figured out the party aspect, she pretended to be surprised when she walked into the house and all of the guests jumped out. The real surprise came when he brought out the cake - a miniature wedding cake, instead of a typical birthday cake. He then popped the question in front of her friends and family - something she definitely wasn't expecting.

Say it in print

Finding creative ways to propose in print can be a lot of fun, as well as offer something that you can keep forever. For such creative marriage proposal ideas, consider creating an ad in the local newspaper, posting a classified ad asking her to marry you, making posters and putting them up at her favorite store, or even designing a brochure and sticking it to her windshield where she will find it.

Of course, no matter how creative you get, the important thing is that your proposal comes from the heart, and that the act itself is special to the two of you. Keep your significant other and her personality in mind when you are proposing. Not everyone likes a big public proposal, and not every person is going to appreciate being caught completely off guard. Sometimes, when it comes to creative marriage proposals, simple is best.

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