Valentine Cakes - Ideas for Different Types of Cakes

Valentine cakes can consist of anything from a Chocolate Velvet cake to a cake baked in the shape of a heart and decorated with a message of love across the top.

There is no specific kind of cake, or flavor, or shape, or even color of cake that makes it a Valentine cake. It is the personalization that makes it special - chocolate because it is his favorite, or in the shape of a heart because of your feelings for one another.

Whereas once the card was the traditional Valentine gift, and then flowers, and still again chocolate candy, the cake is taking on more popularity as time passes. Cakes have always been popular though - they are easy to make, and kits make decorating pretty standard as well. They are transported easily and go well with other accompaniments like ice cream or coffees - plain or flavored. And, of course, cake flavors, as well as ways to decorate any cake, are as abundant as the imagination.

For Valentine cakes, try baking three square cakes in different sizes and, instead of stacking them evenly, put each layer on the next at an angle - the flat of a side facing the corner of the layer below it, etc. Already you have a unique cake, now get your tips out and create some icing roses. If that seems too hard, simply shave chocolate squares and decorate with the shavings. Shavings, chips and cherries with stems on white icing are very attractive as well.

Here's another Valentine cake idea - try a sheet cake with a heart cake on the top of it; again, a unique base cake. Now decorate in white icing - smooth looks very pretty, and add red roses with a message that says "I love you", "Be Mine" or "Happy Valentine's Day". Two layer heart shaped cakes, iced in chocolate, pink or white icing, are very pretty and with icing tubes or gel can be decorated quite elegantly.

Need more ideas for Valentine cakes? Do not forget Valentine cupcakes, which can be decorated very easily for a beautiful effect - a thick twist of icing, another twist of whipped cream, and a chocolate heart or candy in the shape of lips on top of that. With a few sprinkles added and set on a tier plate in and among candles and flowers, you have a lovely cake centerpiece.

Brownies are another popular item in the cake department; for Valentine's Day hearts, use the deep cutters and decorate accordingly with icings, gels and sprinkles.

Another Valentine cake idea for those who are not necessarily 'cake' lovers is a coffee cake. This can be served among a variety of people as well, and does not refer to romantic love the way a heart does. Coffee cakes do require time, as most use yeast that need rising time, but are relatively easy to make.

Cake ingredients include flour, milk, sugar, butter and eggs, while filling ingredients include brown sugar, almonds and maraschino cherries. There is no icing - a simple glaze and possibly some sprinkles round this cake out nicely. Serve it anywhere and anytime with coffee.

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