Valentine's Day Verses - Love Quotes, Sayings and Messages

Are you looking some romantic, inspiring or funny Valentine's Day verses, quotes, sayings and messages?

Valentine's Day is the holiday of romance. And there is nothing more romantic than a love sonnet, poem, or verse that expresses your feelings of love for your partner.

Whether you are making a homemade card, journaling in a scrapbook of your memories together on Valentine's Day, or want a nice quick saying to add to the top of a Valentine's Day cake, having just the right verse makes your creation all that much better.

Here, we will give you some great ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day verses.

  • Romantic: As Valentine's Day is all about the romance, let's start with some simple but romantic Valentine's Day verses:
    • I love thee, I love thee, 'tis all that I can say.

    • It is my vision in the night, my dreaming in the day. (Thomas Hood)

    • I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

    • I need nothing more from you than to know that you will always be mine.

    • Roses are red, violets are blue, my life is perfect now that I've found you.
  • Humorous: Many people like to show a sense of humor on Valentine's Day. Here are a few funny Valentine's Day verses to get you started:
    • Plenty of love, tons of kisses; I hope someday to be your Mrs.

    • You may not 'carrot' all for me, the way I care for you
      You may 'turnip' your nose when I plead with you
      But if your heart should 'beet' with mine forever 'lettuce' hope
      There is no reason in the world why we two 'cantaloupe'

    • I said to you 'Oh please be mine, be mine forever Valentine'
      I must have seemed like quite a fool although I thought I was being cool
      I swore that we would never part as I put my hand upon my heart
      Had I been thinking with my head I'd probably have fled instead (Joanna Fuchs)
  • For Mom and Dad: Kids always like to get in on the Valentine action, so here are a couple of kids' Valentine's Day verses for mom and dad:
    • I've thought about it carefully and no one else will do
      I want you for my Valentines.. is it ok to have two?

    • With all the sunshine things you do, the smiles you share, the laughter too
      With all the dreams you make come true, it's great to have two parents like you!

    The internet is a great resource for verses, sayings, messages, poems, and quotes for Valentine's Day. Many verses can be adapted for whoever you need a verse for, be it your partner, parents, grandparents, kids, or friends.

    Keep the recipient's personality in mind when searching for just the right Valentine verse or quote. If your loved one is romantic and doesn't have much of a sense of humor, he or she might not appreciate a funny verse, especially if he or she is envisioning you to recite words of love from Shakespeare.

    These few ideas should get you started on finding just the right Valentine's Day verses for your needs. For more ideas on Valentine's Day sayings, quotes, verses, messages and poems, do check out the many related articles and pages on this website, or use its search function to help find what you need.

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