Wonderful Ideas for Valentine Centerpieces - Decorations to Liven Up the Mood

Valentine centerpieces are among the prettiest pieces of art people bring in or craft themselves for their homes.

Perhaps it is the brilliance of the red or the contrast of the white or other valentine colors - shades of pink or purples. Silver and gold are also good colors to use in valentine arrangements, especially the sparkling or metallic types.

There are a few "staples" when it comes to the yearly day of love and lovers all over the world. Roses are one, along with chocolates, hearts of all sizes and colors, endearing cards, dinner out, jewelry and some more intimate articles of clothing. Romantic dinners at home are common for married couples or those on a tight budget. This is where the importance of a Valentine centerpiece comes in - it will help set the mood.

Simple items, such as candles, roses (real or silk, or even plastic, if they are nice ones - remember even cheesy looking flowers can be transformed with added leaves, wispy silks or feathers accompanying them), hearts or hurricane lanterns can be transformed into beauty. Or just start with a heart shaped basket and go from there, making your creation to fit a single table for an intimate setting or to decorate several tables for a party.

Ambience is more important than most people think; and practicality, as well. A really great looking Valentine centerpiece for a number of tables, or two on one table, is to use the fan-type array of metallic valentine heart bouquets in plain vases that have been dressed up in metallic red paper and fastened with sparkling white ribbon. Now with skewers that can be purchased at most stores selling kitchenware, and pieces of chocolate that have been secured to them, embellish the bouquet with edible delights.

A heart shaped basket can have silk roses tucked around and in and about the outer edges until it looks more like flowers than a basket. Now you will need some filler material for this Valentine centerpiece - feathers, smaller wispy flowers in white or pink, or a few carefully placed authentic looking leaves to fill out the look. Fill the basket with tall candles that will be well away from the flower material; or better yet, put the candles in glass hurricane lantern containers. Set it on a white doily for a contrast that will give your project the pop it deserves.

A couple of simple glass jars, some red or pink candles, some wrapped candy such as the size of Hershey's Kisses in pink, red or silver, and Valentine ribbon in silver can be transformed into something both simple and lovely. Place the candles in the jars. Pour some of the candy in and around the candles. Finish your Valentine centerpiece by tying ribbon around the opening of the jar.

This project is very pretty when nice stemware has been used, but really even ordinary glassware cleans up well using this technique. If you are setting a table for particular people, photos mounted on the end of skewers can be added to the glass.

There you have it - some wonderful ideas for Valentine centerpieces to liven up the occasion.

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Wonderful Ideas for Valentine Centerpieces - Decorations to Liven Up the Mood

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