Valentine's Day Fun Facts - Interesting Snippets of Information

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When Valentine's Day started

You might be surprised to find that the origination of Valentine's Day varies. So, what's the most agreed upon start time of this day of love?

Many people think it was during Roman times. During about 270 AD, when Claudius II was ruling, he didn't want soldiers to get married in war times. That's when a Bishop named Valentine secretly started to perform marriages for soldiers. For his betrayal, he was jailed and executed on February 14. Before he died, he wrote a love note to the daughter of the jailer and signed it "from your Valentine".

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Is it really just a Hallmark holiday?

You might be surprised to find that while many people consider Valentine's Day to be just a Hallmark holiday, it isn't the biggest greeting card day. About 190 million cards are passed around on this day, but it still takes second to Christmas.

Celebrating in the Middle Ages..

During the Middle Ages, young persons would draw names from bowls to find out who would be their Valentines. They would wear the name on their sleeves for about a week. Today, if someone says that you "wear your heart on your sleeve", it means that it's easy to read your feelings.

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When it comes to chocolate

The tradition of giving chocolate may have come from many places, but Casanova, who was the world's greatest lover, used to eat chocolate to keep him virile. Not only that, but in the 1800's, doctors would prescribe people who were pining for a lost love to eat chocolate as a way to feel better.

These days, however, there is about $1 billion spent on chocolate each Valentine's Day and over 35 million boxes of chocolate are sold each year on this "day of love".

Why roses?

The tradition of giving roses stems from the Goddess Venus. It is said that roses are her favorite flower, so if you want to make your Valentine fall in love, you give her roses of course!

Think that's an interesting Valentine's Day fun fact? You probably know that men buy most of the flowers on Valentine's Day, but did you know that they make up 73% of flower sales in an effort to proclaim their love?


In some countries, there are actually superstitions about Valentine's Day. For instance, some people believe that if a woman watches a sparrow on Valentine's Day, she is destined to marry a poor man. If she watches a blue bird, she will likely marry a happy man; if she watches an owl, she is destined to remain a spinster. To watch a blackbird means that she will marry a clergyman or priest; and a crossbill means that she will marry a man who is argumentative.

When it comes to gifts of love..

Did you know that Taj Mahal was actually a gift of love? The Mughal Emperor built it as a memorial to his wife.

And it seems that the city of Verona in Italy, which was Romeo and Juliet's hometown, gets thousands of letters addressed to Juliet.

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