Valentine's Day Symbols and Their Meanings - Love Symbols You Can Use

Are you wondering what are some common and popular Valentine's Day symbols?

Established as the most romantic day on the calendar, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate your relationship with that special someone. It is a day set aside to show that person how much he / she means to you.

So how do you show your love? What are some of the ways you can show that someone he / she means the world to you?

Well, there are a number of Valentine's Day symbols that you can incorporate in your gift-giving that will tell your significant other he / she is loved.

One of the most common Valentine's Day symbols is the heart. Since the 12th century, people have associated the heart with love. It was hard to miss the way a person's heart beat faster when he or she was excited or scared, so 12th century people associated the heart with all feelings and emotions. The modern day symbol shows a red heart pierced by an arrow shot by Cupid.

Cupid is the Roman god of love (in Greek mythology he is call Eros). Cupid was seen as the creator of human love, lust and sex. It was believed he carried a bow and shot arrows into the hearts of those whom he wished to see fall in love. Cupid is often depicted as a winged cherub and the heads of his arrows are often shown as hearts.

Roses are one of the most common modern Valentine's Day symbols. Red roses are meant to convey love and passion in the relationship. Ordinarily, roses are given by the dozen; however, it is commonly accepted that a single long-stemmed red rose represents true, never-ending love.

Different colored roses can also be delivered at Valentine's Day to symbolize different forms of love. For example, you can send your best friend yellow roses on Valentine's Day to show friendship and hope. Sending your mother peach roses on Valentine's Day conveys gratitude and admiration.

Since the days of knights and their ladies fair, ribbons have been symbols of love that are often seen around Valentine's Day. In the days of the knights, ladies often gave them a ribbon to carry with them when they went into battle. This was a way of giving the knight a token of love and affection as well as promise to wait for the knight's return.

Love poems are also common Valentine's Day symbols. Traditionally, people would write original love poems showing their significant other how much they meant to them. Today, we find variations of this tradition in greeting cards that include some of the more well-known love poems.

Love knots are also a time honored Valentine's Day symbol. This tradition originated in orthodox Muslim communities where young ladies would express their love for a gentleman by weaving messages (or knots) in rugs and carpets. By turning the carpets around, the lady's suitor could read the hidden message.

Valentine's Day is a time of love, and there are many Valentine's Day symbols that you can use to show your significant other how much he or she means to you. By incorporating some of these symbols in your gift giving, you can show that someone that he / she is the most important person in your life and that he / she is loved.

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