Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas - Great Tips to Aid Planning

Are you seeking useful and interesting wedding rehearsal dinner ideas?

Traditionally, prior to the actual wedding celebration, most pre-wedding plans include a rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is a wonderful occasion for friends and family to enjoy a light-hearted evening prior to the actual wedding day.

Many rehearsal dinners fall after the actual wedding rehearsal, and are held in a restaurant so no more stress is placed on the wedding party to host another event. This article will provide some wedding rehearsal dinner ideas and tips to help you in planning this event.

Useful Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Tips and Ideas

  • Find the couple's favorite restaurant and book their banquet room well in advance. Serving the couple's favorite foods is also a nice idea, and most restaurants are happy to provide a unique dessert for special occasions such as this.

  • The rehearsal dinner is not formal. This is a chance for everyone to relax and rejuvenate prior to the wedding day.

  • The rehearsal dinner is a great time for the soon-to-be-married couple to pass out gifts for all involved in the wedding party. In a few days, all of the focus will be on the couple, so it is nice to be able to acknowledge all who have helped the couple plan and participate in their wedding.

  • As part of useful wedding rehearsal dinner ideas, pre-paying the bill is another way to alleviate any stress of hosting the dinner. A pre-planned menu with a quote prior to the dinner is a great way to have everything run smoothly and save people wondering who is picking up the tab.

    How To Plan A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

    Here's a look at some tips for planning a wedding rehearsal dinner.

    • If the wedding is themed (such as a Renaissance theme), perhaps you would like to make the rehearsal dinner follow the theme. For a Renaissance theme, for example, you could have a meal similar to one of that era, and if you are going straight from the dress rehearsal to the dinner, attendees will already be in costume.

    • One wedding rehearsal dinner idea or tip is to pick your location and book your room well in advance. If you want a set menu, make your arrangements well enough in advance that the restaurant will have all you need in supply. If you are planning a cake or other special dessert, work this out with the restaurant at least a few days prior to your dinner party.

    • Another wedding rehearsal dinner idea or tip is to decide in advance if you are including alcohol in your dinner menu, and if so, how much. You might want to consider some wine for the actual meal, champagne for a toast, and then an open bar for people who would like something different. This will help you in pre-paying as well.

    • Written invitations aren't necessary, but they do add a nice touch to the rehearsal dinner. If you choose not to write out your invitation, make sure you inform all of the people attending the dress rehearsal as well as any other guests you feel should be at the dinner, well in advance. A phone call or email with an RSVP is a great way to ensure everyone has all of the pertinent information they need in regards to the rehearsal dinner.

    • Need wedding rehearsal dinner ideas regarding who to invite? If you are not sure who to invite, usually, the bride and groom's families are expected to attend, as well as anyone in the wedding party. It is always nice to invite the soloist, the minister, as well as anyone who is playing a role in the actual wedding. If you are unsure, consult the couple and ensure your guest list meets with their approval.

    • Small favors are a tradition at a rehearsal dinner. This does not have to be something expensive, just a small token of thanks from the hosts and the wedding couple to the people who are helping to make their special day a success.

    • Another of the important wedding rehearsal dinner ideas is to always cap off the dinner with a group toast to the wedding couple.

    Tips to Plan A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

    Need more wedding rehearsal dinner ideas? Here are more useful tips for planning a wedding rehearsal dinner.

    • Dinner Date: Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner follows the 'dress rehearsal' of the ceremony. The wedding party will take time to change, giving the host of the dinner time to get to the venue and be ready to greet and seat guests.

    • Dinner Cost: The rehearsal dinner at one time was hosted by the bride's parents. Nowadays, it is just as common for the groom's parents to host the dinner. No matter which family has the honors, they will need to decide how much they are paying for in advance. Usually, the meal is paid for, and it will be up to the individual if they are springing for the cocktails or not.

    • Dinner Venue: Here's another wedding rehearsal dinner idea or tip - the size of your party will help in picking out a restaurant for your dinner. You wouldn't want to try and squeeze 40 guests into your favorite corner deli. Many restaurants have a banquet room, or other area for hosting large dinners or events that would like a little privacy. Another nice wedding rehearsal dinner idea is to pick the couple's favorite place to eat.

    • Dinner Guests: Plan well in advance who and how many guests you are inviting to the dinner. This will ensure that no one will be left out.

    Things To Consider for A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

  • Remember to consider special dietary needs for your rehearsal dinner menu, such as vegetarianism or allergies.

  • Make sure someone has a camera to take pictures for the wedding scrapbook.

  • Ensure that the guests are informed ahead of time if they are expected to pay for their own meal.

  • A thank you card for the restaurant is always nice following a special event.

    You should now have enough knowledge and wedding rehearsal dinner ideas to get to planning a great dinner celebration. Have fun!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas and Tips?

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