Wedding Rehearsal Invitations - Tips to Consider

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for wedding rehearsal invitations?

You're planning your wedding and now it's time to think about the wedding rehearsal and invitations. This means that you're going to have to consider if you're even going to have a rehearsal dinner, and who's going to be responsible for it.

There are some things which might help you in the planning process that you should know.

Are you having a rehearsal dinner?

Some couples find that they just cannot afford a rehearsal dinner, but you should know that there are plenty of ways that you can have a fun filled rehearsal and it won't cost you a ton of money. So, plan to include one in your wedding weekend and you'll be glad you did. You might be surprised to find that your wedding rehearsal invitations don't cost you that much either, so you can put the extra money toward other parts of the rehearsal dinner.

Who's going to be responsible for paying?

In the past, the groom's parents were responsible for the rehearsal dinner, but lately things don't go the way we plan. If your mother in law is unwilling to pay or be responsible for this occasion, consider asking your parents to help out, or incorporate a backyard barbecue. The reason that you need to know who is paying is because you're going to need to know who you can and can't invite to this party, so establishing who the responsible party is can ease conflicts later on.

Who gets invited?

The next thing you need to know when it comes to wedding rehearsal invitations, is who you're actually planning to invite to your wedding rehearsal dinner. This might take time, but if you accidentally don't send an invitation to someone, you might wind up with an issue on your hands, so are you sticking with tradition and inviting only your parents and wedding party, or are you going to invite all of your out of town guests?

If you are planning something casual, you might be able to send wedding rehearsal invitations to all of your out of town guests, but if you find you're in a situation where you have to have a more inexpensive affair, or if your mother in law refuses to pay for all your out of town guests, then you can send invitations to meet you and your bridal party at a local pub instead. This will save you money and still give your guests something to do while in a strange city.

What should the invitations look like and when should you send them?

Keep in mind that you don't have to shell out a ton of money for your wedding rehearsal invitations if you're not ready to. Many people choose nice paper and make them at home with their computer, or you might find that the company you order wedding invitations from offers you a discount on rehearsal invitations, so you have some options. You can be much more casual when you send these out, and they don't have to be extravagant.

Just make sure that you don't wait much more than a week after you've mailed out your wedding invitations to send the invitations for your rehearsal dinner. This will give your guests plenty of time to make plans if they want, and the extra RSVP time for the wedding rehearsal invitations will help you to plan accordingly.

Your rehearsal dinner is a time for you and your groom to decompress and enjoy the fact that all the planning is done. You'll have time to spend with your guests and share your excitement about your upcoming nuptials, so even if the rehearsal dinner isn't exactly what you had hoped, make sure to enjoy it.

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