Choosing 50th Birthday Gifts - Tips to Guide You

Struggling with ideas for 50th birthday gifts? Need some inspiration?

Sometimes, landmark birthday gifts need a little more attention. That's why so many people have a hard time finding truly great birthday gifts for those turning fifty.

What do you get the person who is turning 50 and how do you know that you're making a good choice? A few simple tips can help you to choose the right gift for the 50 year old you're buying for.

The problem for many people is that the soon to be 50 year old probably has just about everything they need and want, which can make gift giving for this occasion difficult at best. The thing is, you can't ignore it, so when you want to give a great 50th birthday gift, but aren't sure what that great present might be, you might need to think outside of the box.

Consider unique, but work with the recipient's personality

If you're lucky, you're going to a 50th birthday party and can get some ideas from the person who is throwing the party. Maybe a gag-gift or "over the hill" gift is in order. This can make your job much easier. However, many times, we don't have that sort of guidance.

In the case that you are completely on your own when it comes to choosing a 50th birthday gift, you should think about the personality of the person you're choosing the gift for. For instance, by the time a person turns 50, they have some things they would like to do, have or see. This is where your gift will make the biggest impact.

Many people who are turning 50 really just want to have fun, so consider what they would like to do and give them that. Do you know someone who has always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon? If you're in the right area, this might be just the 50th birthday gift you want to give that will help your friend or loved one have memories forever.

What about a trip down "memory lane" literally? If you're giving a gift to someone who you have known for a long time, why not consider setting up a "tour" of all the places you used to spend time? Make it a day trip or take a weekend, but make sure to fill up your time with some of the things you used to do, such as taking a swim in the lake where you used to swim as kids or visiting the bar or club you used to frequent together.

Remember that 50 is about the time where the kids are off to college and the house is getting empty, so 50th birthday gifts that offer some real fun might just do the trick for many people.

For a budget, but not "cheap"

Even when you're on a budget, you can choose 50th birthday gifts that really say you spent the time to think about what you're giving. Consider doing something fun such as finding out what kind of music the 50 year old in your life used to love, and creating a compilation of his or her favorite songs throughout his or her lifetime.

You can also create a photo biography of the soon to be 50 year old. Put them all in a digital frame and make sure to include photos from early childhood to the recipient's life right now.

Create an "on this day in history" type of scrapbook of the day that your 50 year old friend or family member was born. You can cover only the day they were born or you can go even further and include important events that have taken place on their birthday over the years.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing really great 50th birthday gifts is to break away from all the shirts, ties, slippers and perfume that you might ordinarily buy and consider something which will leave your birthday guy or girl thinking, "wow, what a great birthday gift".

By taking the time to really put some thought into this gift and consider what the recipient really wants, you can make sure that you are able to give a wonderful 50th birthday gift.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 50th Birthday Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have some ideas and suggestions on what could make a fantastic fiftieth birthday present? Share and write about your great gift ideas here!

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