Creating 50th Birthday Invitations - Tips and Guidance

Need guidance for putting together 50th birthday invitations?

Glitzy, glamorous and gold is what comes to mind when thinking of a 50th Birthday. Gold is associated with any 50th celebration around the globe, and every person is entitled to have a glitzy and glamorous party at least once in their lives.

Finding the style of the event is the starting point. As an example, if it is a formal sit down dinner, the invitation should have a more formal feel to it. Using a plain, "square in style" font like Copper plate Gothic combined with gold edgings or borders would reflect the formalness of the event.

Likewise, for a casual dance party you would use gold balloons or even music notes combined with a more modern font like "Magneto".

For 50th birthday invitations, being creative with 3D is easy. The 3D effect is achieved by gluing a gold number 50 on the invitation so it stands out off the page. Gold ribbon glued around the edges for a female and gold rope for a male, will round it off nicely. Most trimmings can easily be found in your sewing box, left over Christmas present wrapping ribbon, or even a child's toy box. Almost anything that is small and fits with the theme would work as a 3D trimming.

Photographs work very nicely for 50th birthday invitations, too; a baby photograph or compromising position photograph is sure to be lurking in those bursting photo albums and would be perfect to place on the front cover. If you are concerned about an original photograph getting damaged, scan it into your PC or take it to a photo shop where they can scan it for you. Photo editing programs allow you to create interesting effects and borders and will help you reduce the time factor should you need to make a lot of invitations .

When designing and creating 50th birthday invitations, one thing to remember is that the color gold is very difficult to print - it usually comes out as mustard or sometimes pale brown. Don't panic - if you can't get the right color to print, choose a different color and add a gold bow, or if you are artistic, trace the outline with a gold gel pen (easily obtained from a stationery shop). Adding and accentuating the gold with glitter or paint, will give the same, if not better effect, on your 50th birthday invitation card.

The content of the invitation comes next. A 50th birthday invitation that is personally addressed is an absolute must. Saying "Dear Friends" instead of using the person's name is very impersonal; however, using "To my Dear Friend Abigail" shows that you remembered your friend personally, and require their presence specifically. The obvious information like Venue, Date and Time, and of course, the person whose birthday party it is, follows.

There is a dual reason for sending out invitations; one reason is to let people know to keep those dates open, and the second reason is to ask for a response as to whether they will attend or not. This is commonly known as R.S.V.P, ("Repondez s'il vous plait") a French phrase meaning please respond. On most invitations, R.S.V.P is followed by the contact details of the person who is organizing the 50th birthday party.

Dress code is something people always look for in an invitation, and the same applies to 50th birthday invitations. Being specific is vital here, so using the description "semi-formal" needs further explanation. Use "Semi-formal, but no jeans, casual shoes or T-shirts" as this explains the "semi" part of the dress code.

There is a difference between "Black Tie" and "White Tie" as well. "White Tie" usually entails wearing suit tails and a hat of some sort for the men and a full length ball gown for the women. "Black Tie" only requires a bow tie and formal suit or tuxedo for the men and a formal cocktail dress for the women.

An invitation is about giving information about the event. When designing 50th birthday invitations, it is important to strike a balance between information and decoration, as well as style and tone. All in all, a well thought out invitation together with a dollop of creativity and effort will set the 50th birthday party off to a great start.

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