65th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas for Celebration, Gifts and Food

Like most wedding anniversaries, aside from the fact it's an anniversary, the 65th wedding anniversary actually doesn't have any special symbolic significance attached to it.

But if a couple can make it to 65 years in a marriage, a celebration is certainly in order. If 60th and 70th anniversaries are considered diamond anniversaries, then the 65th anniversary should be treated no less than that.

In reading this article, you will get ample ideas for celebrating a 65th wedding anniversary and what to gift on this occasion to the anniversary couple.

65th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

A 65th wedding anniversary is around the corner and you want to make it special. If planning for yourself, you can try out the following ideas or ask your grandchildren to try them to make this occasion extra special for you:

  • Just like the 60th wedding anniversary, a diamond theme can be used for celebrating a 65th anniversary.

  • Plan the party on a diamond theme with everything either in the color or shape of a diamond in terms of decorations and even food. Triangular finger sandwiches, for example, make great hors-d'oeuvres and resemble a diamond in shape. You can even make invitations in the shape of a diamond.

  • Choose an anniversary cake that is either in a diamond shape or have the decorations in diamond shapes.

  • Use fabrics like silver and white for all of the decorations or theme, including balloons, tablecloths and dress code.

Sixty Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Now, let's talk about some ideal gifts for a 65th wedding anniversary. The price of the gift is not important - what matters is whether it is of some use or will hold a special memory for the receiver, so here is a small list to get you thinking about some interesting 65th anniversary gift ideas:

  • Jewelry: Your spouse or the anniversary couple will never forget the jewelry piece that you will give her or him as a special memento of the 65 year wedding anniversary. You can choose to gift a pendant, pair of earrings or bracelet, perhaps a lovely watch, and don't forget the diamond!

  • Sapphires: Go for sapphire anything. A sapphire is a beautiful gem that will represent the beauty of your many special years together. Even the color sapphire can represent the gem, so consider a sapphire colored silk scarf for a woman, or sapphire colored silk tie for a man.

  • Photo Frame: Photo frames are always a great anniversary gift for loved ones. You can go for a crystal photo frame to fit in with a 'diamond' theme, and make it more special and personalized by adding a photo of the anniversary couple in it, perhaps even their original wedding photo.

  • Personalized Anniversary Plate: Leave an imprint of how much you love your partner on your 65th wedding anniversary by gifting her or him a personalized anniversary plate with you and your partner's name on it. Add your original wedding date, and perhaps a sentiment that speaks to all of your wonderful years together to make it even more special. Picking out one with a silver rim would be appropriate for the 65th anniversary.

65 Year Wedding Anniversary Food Ideas

Now that you are comfortable with some ideas on how to celebrate and what to present at the 65th wedding anniversary of your partner, friends, or family members, here are a few food ideas for this anniversary celebration.

  • If holding a theme celebration for the 65th anniversary party, choose the food items that go with the theme. If the anniversary couple honeymooned in Hawaii, you could bring back fond memories by hosting a luau, for example.

  • Arrange all the food according to the anniversary couple's favorite dishes, from appetizers to desserts. If they have a favorite restaurant, try getting a recipe for the couple's favorite dish.

  • Include food items for a 65th wedding anniversary that represent a trip around the world. Pick the couple's favorite countries and surround them with flavors of the world. You could decorate with travel posters - much cheaper than actually sending the couple around the world, but still loads of fun!

Now that you have so many creative ideas on how to celebrate your 65th wedding anniversary and what types of gifts you might purchase, you can get right to the fun of planning a wonderful 65th anniversary celebration. Enjoy!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 65th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, Gifts and Food?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for celebrating the 65th wedding anniversary? Any inspiration for the party, presents, and food? Share and write about these 65 year wedding anniversary ideas here!

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65th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas for Celebration, Gifts and Food

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