Baby Boy Shower Invitations - Great Ideas for Your Invites

Do you need ideas and inspiration for preparing baby boy shower invitations?

The hostess of my baby shower didn't have the benefit of knowing the gender of my baby because my husband and I chose not to know either. The invites she created were neutral with a combination of pink and blue and indeterminate wording.

However, in the end, we had a boy (a screaming, pink ball of energy with a fluff of black hair around a bald spot - perhaps to make a re-appearance when he's middle aged!)

If we'd known the gender ahead of time, I would have loved a baby shower all bedecked in blue, screaming out to the world that another boy was about to join us. Baby boy shower invitations can be the first time you announce to your friends and family that you're having a boy. Imagine your friend receiving the envelope and pulling out a delicate blue card with choo-choo trains, cars, and sailboats. A smile would spread across your guest's face and, voila, the appropriate gift would be purchased!

However, if you don't want to gender stereotype your baby before he's even been born, you don't have to use blue. Short of using pink, the rainbow is your playground. Green can be just as boyish as a vibrant red or a vivid orange color. Motifs can vary from transportation (think trains, planes and automobiles) to jungle, insects, dinosaurs, baseball - the list goes on.

The theme of the shower can carry over to the theme on the baby boy shower invitation cards. This can include color, motifs such as sports or puppy dogs or a pattern. Another great thing I've done when designing baby shower invitations is to use a stock photo of a baby, or even an image of the ultrasound, and set the image semi-transparent in the background. Place the invitation wording superimposed on the image, in bold, contrasting font.

Baby boy shower invitations can also come in different shapes and sizes. You could roll an invitation printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper into a scroll and hold it securely with ribbon. This works for larger and smaller sized paper as well. Mailing these invites will require a shipping tube. An alternative suggestion to save on postage is to use the postcard concept. Print your invite on one side of firm card paper of post card sized dimensions, and leave the other side blank for addressing. You could, if you wish, print that side with simple lines so your addresses are printed evenly. Or, better yet, use labels!

Another idea is to print your baby boy shower invitation on blue colored balloons. These will require hand delivery, but it saves on postage! A downside, though, is that they may deflate before the shower date and the information could be lost. Creativity can have its downside!

No matter which approach you choose, keep in mind the personality of the mother and family of the imminent baby boy. What would she like? What would the baby boy's father enjoy (if he's invited)? Keep within your budget, and within the tastes of the parents-to-be, and your baby boy shower invitations will be boyish and appropriate.

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