Baby Shower Invite Wording - Clever and Cute Verses and Sayings for Your Invitations

Do you need a guide for baby shower invite wording, perhaps a few samples of verses, quotes and sayings you could use?

Sometimes, especially when there is a new baby on the way, we are at a total loss for words when it comes to what exactly to write on the baby shower invitations.

Well, in this article, you are likely to find the perfect baby shower invitation wording you could use. There is something for everyone.

Kathy and Will Robert's baby girl / boy is on the way,
Let's get them prepared for the big day!
You're invited to a baby shower!
21 June at 130 pm
37 Crawford Street
Chico, California
R.S.V.P. to Andrea Smith (phone number)
Kathy is registered at Baby's R Us

Your baby shower invite wording should always include an invite to the baby shower, the expectant mother's name, the baby's name and / or gender, the date and time of the baby shower, the location and address of the baby shower, the name and phone number of the person to whom the guests should R.S.V.P., as well as the baby registry that the expectant mother may have.

If you are planning to have baby shower games, include these instructions in the baby shower invite wording. For example, "We are having a fun game at the baby shower, please bring a baby picture of yourself and join in the fun"!

Here are some more very cute verses that you can use in your baby shower invite wording:

  • Cars and trucks? Or is it ribbons and bows? What they are having? Well, nobody knows!

  • Diapers and bibs, as well as bottles and more.. that's basically, what baby showers are for!

  • Tea parties.. baby dolls.. as well as dress up clothes. This time what's coming is a girl, with ribbons and bows.

  • Tiny fingers.. tiny toes. Little itty bitty clothes.. dresses.. dolls.. hair.. and curls. Guess what? Yes, it's a girl!

  • Snakes.. creepy crawlers.. and so much more. That's really what this new mom has in store. Guess what? Yes, it's a boy!

There are also some really lovely poems that you could use in your baby shower invite wordings that will give the guests a vivid picture of the little one that is on the way! For instance, for little boys, you could have:

Little boys, oh they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
They are shy, adventurous, and always full of surprises.
With their sweet little halos as well as naughty and mischievous grins.
Small and dirty faces, as well as cute and sticky chins.
They explore, they conquer, they romp, and they run.
They are so full of spirit.
And certainly just oh so much fun!

Or, for a little girl, you could use:

We are tickled pink, and we just can't wait to say.
That our sweet little baby girl is on the way.

Now, if the mom-to-be is going to have twins, there are little verses that are so appropriate, such as:

Two sweet little babies sent from heaven up above.
God is blessing us with a precious pair of twins to love.


Twice the number of babies for us to love and teach.
We are going to have one of each.

Of course, there are absolutely thousands of baby shower invite wording ideas available, so it's impossible to have them all in one article for you. However, they are easy to find on the internet for you to browse through at your leisure. There are also other baby shower quotes, sayings and verses on the rest of this website which you could use.

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