Baby Boy Shower Invitations - a Basic Guide with Useful Tips and Pointers

Do you need some tips and pointers to help you put together your baby boy shower invitations?

So you or someone you know is having a beautiful baby boy. How exciting for everyone involved!

It doesn't matter if the birth is still pending or the handsome little guy has already arrived. A baby shower can be given before or after the birth. In fact, many people love to attend a shower where the baby is in attendance and they can fuss over the newborn!

Regardless, you still need a baby shower invitation, and this article will help you get started on creating just the perfect baby boy shower invitation.

How to Choose Baby Boy Shower Invites

If purchasing a pre-made invitation, here are some tips on how to choose baby boy shower invitations:

  • Do you have a theme? If so, check out your local card or stationery shop, as they usually carry many of the most popular themes for baby showers. You should be able to find some basic boy themes, such as sports, jungle, or even just plain blue.

  • If purchasing pre-made invitations from a stationery shop, you might want to bargain about having the printing included in the price, or for a nominal fee.

  • Do not forget to include an RSVP card, or information to ensure all of your guests can reply.

Should you choose to make your own baby boy shower invitations, we have some tips and ideas for you as well:

  • If printing at home, this website will have a vast number of ideas for a baby boy shower. Limit your search to a few ideas and you will save yourself many hours of searching. Use this website's search function.

  • If you want your invitations really colorful, create one invitation on your computer and save it to a disc. Taking it to your local copy shop for printing will save you money by not using up your own ink, which can be quite expensive.

  • If creating your baby boy shower invitations completely from scratch, give yourself lots of time to ensure you are not rushed. Make a space that you can leave them out and return to if you do not finish in one afternoon. Handmade invitations are something to treasure, so make sure you make an extra for the baby's scrapbook.

How to Write Baby Boy Shower Invites:

Here are some tips to write a baby boy shower invitation:

  • Do not forget to include all relevant information about the baby's birth, such as time, weight, length, and the ever important date!

  • Including a sweet poem, verse, saying or quote about newborn babies is always a nice touch.

  • RSVP can be either put on the actual baby shower invitation, or included as a separate card to be mailed back, depending on how formal you want the baby shower to be.

  • Do not forget to put clear directions, and even a map, if the baby shower is to be held at a place or home unknown to some.

Things to Remember:

  • Themes make things simple, so if you pick a theme, go with it for everything, from the baby shower invitation, the decorations, and even the food.

  • The RSVP is very important, especially if the baby shower is being held at a restaurant or other catered venue.

  • Try to ensure you write the dates and day in longhand so there is no confusion: Date: 10/10/2010 becomes much clearer if you write; October 10, 2010.

  • Adding a personalization to a baby boy shower invitation makes it unique. Take a little time to address each invitation to the individual. It will be much appreciated.

  • If everyone you know is online, and you are sure you won't miss anyone, email invitations are becoming more and more popular. They save paper, and are quick and easy to create. You just have to ensure that each person receives and reads the invitation and it doesn't go overlooked as 'spam'. It is simple to add a 'read receipt' to your email invitation to make sure this doesn't happen. If you haven't received the read receipt after a few days, a follow up with a phone call will ensure the invitation was not overlooked.

You are now well on your way to begin working on your baby boy shower invitations. Have lots of fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Boy Shower Invitations?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for baby boy shower invitations? Share and write about these tips and pointers for baby boy shower invites here!

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