Baby Shower Sports Theme - Ideas and Tips to Work With

Here, you will get some tips and ideas for a baby shower sports theme.

Are you throwing a baby shower, but having some trouble thinking of an appropriate theme? There are so many options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone.

But, you can be successful while keeping it simple. Why not throw one with a sports theme?

Contrary to common thought, a sports-theme will work for both boys and girls, and can be especially handy when the gender of the baby isn't known yet or is being kept secret. How you would incorporate a baby shower sports theme for each instance is different, but can still be done simply and tastefully. Below are some basic guidelines for each circumstance.

Let's say that it's common knowledge that junior is going to be of the male persuasion; a baby shower sports theme party is an easy one to pull off for this little fellow. It's easy to figure out that your common color should be a pale baby blue. You can top your cake with plastic or frosting molded in the shape of baseballs, footballs, bats, skateboards, etc.

A good idea is to ask the father-to-be what his favorite sports are and be sure to include them on the cake. You can also suggest that your guests bring gifts that incorporate boys' sports with them, such as jerseys, a baseball glove, or sports-team themed baby clothes.

But what if mom and dad have told everyone that baby-to-be will prefer pink to blue? A little girl can have a sports themed shower, too.

In this scenario of a baby shower sports theme, change your basic coloring to shades of pink and purple. You can go with a more "feminine" sports theme and include ballet shoes, softballs, cheerleading pom-poms, gymnastics mats, and volleyball in your decor. Requesting gift items that are similar and fitting is acceptable as well. You might take some time and ask mom-to-be what kind of sports she enjoys and fit those in as well.

If baby's gender is still a mystery, a baby shower sports theme is still a great idea. You'll use more gender-neutral colors, such as yellows, oranges, and greens. Tie in the theme of sports by adding items that are related to sports both genders commonly play. This can include soccer balls and goals, tennis rackets and balls, basketballs, tennis shoes, golf clubs and balls, and a generic ball glove is fine, too. Feel free to incorporate sports that mom and dad enjoy, too.

Using a baby shower sports theme is an easy way to twist some fun into the traditional shower ideas. It can be a small aspect of your party, or you can use it as an all out, every aspect kind of theme.

Use invitations announcing that a "little slugger is on the way", or that "come do a touch down dance to celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Smith". Use printed sports-themed table cloths and napkins. Your centerpieces for the tables can be something like a teddy bear wearing a baseball jersey. Research the internet for shower game ideas that use making baskets or golf putting and have a blast. Your guests are sure not to forget about this unique and fun sports-themed baby shower!

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Baby Shower Sports Theme - Ideas and Tips to Work With

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