Baby Shower Decorating Ideas - How to Create a Wonderful Party Mood

Are you seeking some inspirational baby shower decorating ideas?

Remember, your guests are coming to the baby shower, and not to see your decorating skills. The whole idea is to enhance the theme and mood of the party, so a few tastefully chosen simple decorations will give the shower the perfect touch.

Here are a few baby shower decorating ideas to help you along.

Flowers are always great. They are beautiful and add plenty of color to any venue. Also, they can be inexpensive - if you have a lovely garden full of flowers, there is no reason why you cannot make use of flowers from your own backyard.

Another great inexpensive baby shower decorating idea is to simply display photos of mom-to-be, dad-to-be, family and friends. This will give your party a personal flavor, as well as an icebreaker that will have everyone talking and laughing.

Balloons are always a hit at any celebration, and will be great at your baby shower as well. Have a special chair for the new mom to sit on, and decorate it with balloons and ribbons - it will be her "throne" for the day. Balloons can also be used as centerpieces for your tables - simply tie a few balloons to baby bottles filled with water to anchor them down, and you have beautiful, colorful tables.

You could also use baby bottles as vases, filled with baby's breath and daisies. Receiving blankets can be used as tablecloths, and you could also sprinkle baby-themed confetti on the tables and counters.

Need more inspired baby shower decorating ideas?

Since it is a baby "shower", making use of umbrellas is also a good idea. Open the umbrellas up, fix streamers to the points of the umbrellas, and hang them upside down from the ceiling. These are very colorful, and very effective.

Instead of piling up gifts onto a table, make use of a baby tub, stroller, or crib to display the presents - this is also very appropriate, and effective as well. Another great baby shower decoration idea is to use a baby tub as a punch bowl. If you can, get one that looks like a whale, fill it with clear punch, and have a little rubber ducky floating on the surface. The tub will be another gift for the mom-to-be after the baby shower.

If your baby shower falls around Christmas time, the perfect decoration would be, of course, to decorate a Christmas tree with all sorts of baby goodies, like bootees, pacifiers, bibs, and anything else small and colorful. You could even decorate your tables in the same way, but with miniature trees.

Yet another inexpensive but effective baby shower decorating idea, is to hang a clothesline somewhere in the room, and hang diapers from it that spell out the mom-to-be's name. You could also hang bootees, socks, bibs, pacifiers, baby clothing, and anything else small and appropriate, on the line. This usually ends up as a great conversation piece during the shower.

All it will take is a little time and imagination to have a beautifully themed, successful baby shower that everyone will remember.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Baby Shower Decorating Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great baby shower decorating ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and pointers for baby shower decorations here!

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