Baby Shower Center Piece - Ideas for Great Table Decorations

Do you need ideas for what to use for a baby shower center piece?

Center pieces are one of the most important pieces of decorating for a baby shower. Its color will set the stage for male / female, while the object itself will pull the theme together from a central vantage point.

If there is one table, the center piece is an easy task to fulfill. If there are many tables, the largest center piece should be placed on the food table while smaller matching objects can be placed on the other tables.

Once the theme has been selected, take into consideration such things as the number of tables. The knowledge will come in handy as you shop for your decorations, as will the appropriate sizes for each baby shower center piece being considered. For instance, anything over 12-14" may not allow clear sight lines for guest conversation. For a center piece on the gift table, it can be taller, or even set on a pedestal to ensure that it will be seen above any over sized gifts.

Bouquets of balloons make great center pieces for tables as they can be made up of many colors that will tie in with a central theme. Boxes in various sizes wrapped in baby shower paper with plastic booties, rattles and bottles adorning them also make lovely baby shower center pieces and can be easily scaled to the appropriate sizes. Also important is the coordinating decorations, the place settings and dinnerware all chosen with the theme and color in mind.

For a good example of a useful centerpiece, consider a red wagon baby shower theme with a red wagon or a little baby buggy filled with gifts for the expectant mother. It can be displayed on a large table surrounded by balloons, baby bottles, rattles and bowls of nuts and dinner mints. Use red vases, containers, place settings along with white flatware and cups to complement the color of the wagon.

Other baby shower center pieces can include such themes as animated jungle animals (lions, tigers and bears), an array of zoo pals, frogs, ducks, fish and other critters of nature such as lady bugs, or the whole range of Pooh characters. For girls, a Raggedy Ann and Andy center piece with all the trimmings, or an arrangement of sports balls in all sizes for expected boys. Most themes that are carried at party specialty stores come with every imaginable matching decorations, place settings, invitations, and even thank you notes that can be left with the other gifts.

For the more modern mother-to-be, a baby shower center piece featuring trendy flowers in just about any color imaginable. There is also a great stars and moon theme with a center piece displaying an array of suns and moons from a round vase. There are cute little baby center pieces in all nationalities, and many professions like cowboys, astronauts and ballerinas.

Baby shower center pieces can be ordered online to represent twins, most nationalities, and foil images of It's a Boy or It's a Girl in a variety of colors. Donuts iced in yellow, pink, green and blue arranged on a tier makes a stunning center piece - especially with some stars on stems arranged in and among them. The brighter the icing, the better!

And do not forget the prince in blue, princess in pink, or building blocks in both colors as choices.

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