Baby Shower Table Decorations - Wonderful Ideas for Decorating the Tables

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for baby shower table decorations?

Imagine the moment you walk into the room, event hall or restaurant, take a deep breath and say, "Wow! It's gorgeous! Jane's baby is on the way!" That moment of joy will be brought to you by the incredible table decorations.

Baby shower table decorations are important. Think of your wedding or any seated event you've been to. Has the center of the table been an empty wasteland? No. There's a flower arrangement or other appropriate decorative piece. The plates may have place cardholders with your name on them. The cutlery may be wrapped in a decorative fashion. The placemats may co-ordinate. The tablecloth may be complementing the guest of honor's clothes.

The fabulous thing about baby showers is that you can get really creative with the table decorations, even if you don't know the gender of the baby.

Additionally, you don't have to spend a lot of money on baby shower table decorations. Starting with the actual table itself, raise the tone of the baby shower by covering the tables with tablecloths. Your venue may provide plain, white tablecloths. You could augment these with a see-through, plastic tablecloth with baby motifs.

Use cheap baby booties from a discount store as name place cardholders. One bootie per place setting will do. Use blue for boy babies and pink for girls, if you like. Or, color co-ordinate the booties to the theme of your party or to the decor of the room.

For the centerpiece, the sky's the limit. One very affordable baby shower table decoration idea is to wrap empty boxes in various sizes (from big to small) in appropriate baby wrapping paper. Stack these in the center of the table. Be sure your tower is not so big that it blocks everyone's view.

For the traditionalist, use flowers color coordinated with the invitations and other decor. Or, give the flower arrangement a baby-specific twist: place a teddy bear in the centre (pink, blue or other color) and a single flower carefully in teddy bear's hand (type of flower is your choice).

A lot of people like to take centerpieces and decorations home with them. Use simple, themed toys as your centerpiece. For example: a choo-choo train, a group of three, small sailboats, or a doll with a bow around her neck.

I remember my baby shower. The hostess had a local confectioner prepare blue and pink candied teddies holding present boxes. They were gorgeous - and edible. Edibles are fun and appreciated - even when the guest doesn't have a child in his or her own house.

Chocolates shaped like teddies at each place, bags of sweets with baby images on them, or sweets placed into baby appropriate baggies double as both party favor and decoration. They do the triple duty, in fact, of looking good on the table, being a favor to take away for the guest, and being yummy to eat. Baby shower table decorations which are also treats rarely go to waste.

Whatever your choice of baby shower table decorations, keep the theme, color, cost and taste of your guest of honor in mind and the event will be a great success.

Have lots of fun!

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